Silhouette of Desire

Silhouette of Desire

Raised from the dark

A silhouette of desire

As needs outlined

A plan unfolds

Sinful Sunday

Car Park Liaisons

Car Park Liaisons

This story was partly prompted by a tweet from @_floss_84  where in the following thread someone had mentioned that they had never has sex in a car. That plus a few other ideas which had been rummaging around in my head. So here you go, please enjoy.

Content warning: Fictional account involving unprotected, consensual sex between two adults within school premises.


“Tea, coffee or a wine?” the receptionist offered as she passed me a name tag. “Tea please”, I replied, I’ve never got used to wine on offer at parent’s evenings.

I raised the cup to my lips and scanned the foyer. My eyes making contact with a pair of beautiful brown eyes framed in dark rimmed glasses. Holding our gaze we exchange smiles and head off in different directions.

Maths, English, Computing Science, Biology, Geography and Music tonight. Expecting the usual generic feedback and keeping the visit with the CS teacher as brief as possible. I can’t usually tell if she is flirting or just friendly.

After Maths and English, I pass Brown Eyes in the hall and let out a nervous “Hi”, trying to catch her name tag. Unsuccessful, I take a seat waiting for the CS teacher.

Well that was a little awkward I’m sure she was flirting. Then Brown eyes and I bump into each other, both waiting next on the same Biology teacher. “Hello again” I say with a slight stammer, I feel my heart racing and a flush over my cheeks.

“I think she fancies you” is the reply from Brown Eyes. “Beg your pardon?” I respond with an awkward smile. “The CS teacher, she fancies you” she says. “Oh no, you think so, no can’t be.” I say protesting a little too much. “Absolutely does” she laughs. I sense a mix of confidence and a coy shyness, an attract mix of contradictions in Brown Eyes.

She touches her hair placing some behind her ear then fiddling with the lapel of her jacket. I try to catch her name tag. Leigh is all I can see, the rest obscured by her jacket. “Hi, I’m Robin. I’ve not seen you at at a school function before?” I say offering her my hand. “My name is Leigh, this is my first event. My daughter recently joined as a border, I live in London”, said Brown Eyes as she took my hand.

“Brown Eyes, I want to devour your lips and ravage your body.”   Where the hell did that come from, I hope I did not say that out loud. Phew, she is not looking shocked and still here, that must have just been in my head.

I lose track of time as we exchange pleasantries and the usual parent chat. “Next please!”, an assertive call from the Biology teacher brings my focus back to the activities in the hall. “You go first”, Brown Eyes says indicating to me as she touches my arm.

Other than a couple more smiles exchanged in passing, I finish talking to the music teacher and make my way out of the hall trying to catch a last glimpse of Brown Eyes. By this time my imagination is in overdrive, Brown eyes and I had not only reached 4th base but had started the sixth inning. “Calm yourself down man!” I instruct myself, “this is a school night and she is a parent, forget this nonsense!”

As I make my way out of the foyer, I hear “Robin! did you get her number”. There is Brown Eyes with teasing glint in her eye as she searches for her car keys in her handbag. “When do you head back?” I ask. “Tomorrow, after I drop my work’s Edinburgh pool car off “.

We head off in the same direction, continuing our chat from earlier pausing at her car.  A few other parents pass us by and my imagination continues to toment me. Thoughts of pulling her into me, running my hand up the back of her leg, up under her dress, taking a handful of her arse.

The space between us slowly absorbs over time, gazes into those brown eyes linger longer and longer. Looking around, our cars are the last remaining. l glance at my watch, 20 minutes, wow, it feels like 5 minutes max.

“I shouldn’t keep you, it’s getting late” I say to Brown Eyes. “Robin, it has been nice to meet you, I’m sure I will see you around” she replies. We kiss on the cheek as is the polite convention.

The fragrance of her perfume catches my nose, we linger on the second kiss. I feel her hands gently squeeze my arms. I pull back slightly look into her eyes and kiss her on the lips. The next few moments a blur, her hands under my jacked, fingers pressing into my back. One of my hands with a fistful of her hair the other a handful of her arse.

A taste of white wine and lip-gloss as her tongue thrusts against mine. “Lei…” is all I can manage. What began as friendly chemistry was a raging furnace, any inhibitions and sensibilities vaporised. Our bodies locked together our hips in a seductive dance craving release.

I open that car back door and we fall onto the seat. In a moment of clarity, I’m pleasantly surprised by the spaciousness and comfort of the space. The air is filled with leather, air freshener, need, desire and sex.

Brown Eyes tosses her glasses onto a front seat, straddles me and begins to loosen my belt. I pull her closer to me, our cheeks touching, I whisper into her ear, “Leigh, contraception … I don’t…”. She kisses me and moans ” implant Nexpla…”.

Emboldened by the moment I say “Brown eyes, tell me what you want”. “I want you now.” she whispers. “Tell me what you want me to do to you”, I growl. “I want you cock to fill my cunt”. The crude words unlocked a release, her eyes darkend revealing a primal lust. I reached between her legs grabbing the gusset of her nickers, my knuckles and be back of my hand wet as they brushed against her vulva. The fabric tore with little resistance as I ripped my hand back.

“You ready for me Brown Eyes”, I commanded rhetorically as I slipped my forefinger into her wet sex. I feel her vagina contract in response. “Yes, I am ready she whimpered”. I positioned my cock and she slides onto me letting out a moan as she takes my length and I filled her up.

She rocks up and down lost to her lust. Sensations of electricity consumed all my nerve endings as I exploded inside of her. She continues to chase her release, with a muffled screech and she collapses onto my chest.

She scoots over as I do up my trousers and climbs out the car. I follow her out and kiss her. Our shared glance exchanges all the excuses and justifications of what just took place.

“Leigh, I’ll …” she puts her finger on my lips and with a warm smile says, “These brown eyes will see you next parent’s evening you CS flirt”.

I hold the driver’s door for her as she gets in and give her a wave as she drives off.

Oh well that’s a first, a first time in school. First of more?

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Sin in this Temple

Sin in this Temple

In this heavenly temple

of the Rugby World Cup,

these urges persist.

They are intensified!

Adrenaline the catalyst,

desire the chemistry.

The thoughts;

taking you in contact,

turning you over,

driving the ball.

Sinful Sunday

Escaping my imagination

Holding you close, filling your sex. Our bodies synchronised in the rhythm of our need. Breathing in the heady air, saturated with the scent of our lust.

My loins writhe of their own desire, reaching out, searching, needing release. Demanding impatiently, your soft moist, warm folds.

The taste of you, your smell, escapes from my imagination into the present. With rapid strokes and firm grip I want more, to explode with all my senses taken by you.

Masturbation Monday