Binds that bind our bond

Looking into your eyes, a kiss on your forehead running my hands gently down your arms as I gather your hands behind your back.

Folding them over each other and looping the rope firmly over your wrists. The pain just enough to focus your mind.

Running the rope over your bum and up between your legs, the feeling stoking your need. Around your neck, and crisscrossing your chest.

Your feel the bite into your skin, the tension between you neck and hands teasingly taunting you.

I kneel you down, watching what is mine looking into your soul. I feel your need adding another bind to our bond.


My Daily Devotion


The jets of water whipping my back and
the white noise of splashing all around,
massaging my mind and clearing my thoughts.

A moment when words, thoughts and
feelings all make sense,
elevating me into a meditative state.

In a state where all your micro actions and characteristics,
those invisible to you and others are magnified.
They envelope me, heal me and nourish me.

In an instant the water stops,
I’m back to the present.
My pulse still racing
and my soul still connected to you.
I can start my day.

Meta, Physical, Union

My mind aroused by you,
my gaze fixed into your soul.
Entering you, our inhibitions unlocked.

Feeling your life pulse
under my thumb energises me
to thrust harder, again and again.
Each time knocking down
another wall between us.

Our physical bodies
expelling the built up yearning
through groans and perspiration.
Our metaphysical and physical journeys
finally joining in a climactic union.






The touch of lips and bristles from his cheek

With warm kisses to her knees and like a flower to the sun, she opens to welcome him to her centre.

The touch of lips and bristles from his cheek travelling down her thighs, set her sensations alight.

Her wanting, yearning, needing, is surrendered to him.


Picture credit: @FindmeEllery

An experience needed to be explored.

617C5518-ABCF-4529-A562-6A0B3AF64622A slap on her cheeks and a squeeze of her bum,
as my hands claw down the back of her legs
leaving rose coloured trails,
evidence of her lingering sensations.
I kiss gently behind her knees,
Tracing my way up the trails left before.
She opens her legs slightly apart,
my invitation to explore further.

My fingers following the contours of her lingerie
touching the soft, warm flesh of her inner thighs.
It feels like I’m on hallowed ground.
An audible moan and the shifting of her hips,
my request to explore further.

The charge flowing through my body
meeting the moisture of her arousal
sparks a fire in me.
Shifting the fabric aside,
my fingers part her lips.
Her hands gripping handfuls of the sheets,
her wishing me to explore further.

Picture credit: @FindmeEllery