lessons of a young sub

He was at the bar with a few mates as she walked in, a beautiful young woman, 20’s, auburn brown hair. Dressed in jeans, a pink hoodie with a pair of canvas shoes which made her look much younger.

She was not a classic beauty, but instantly got the attention of all the men. She felt goosebumps everywhere with a tingling sensation flowing down her spine and ache in her pussy. She felt shy from the attention, but incredibly aroused by the desire she saw in the eyes of her man and his friends.

He kept his gaze locked on her as she approached him, his heart racing feeling hugely satisfied at the envy he knew his friends felt towards him. “I’m here Sir, you called for me”, she said. He always felt such arousal at hearing her voice and the smell of her deodorant.

“Take these, and get ready for me”, he said handing her a shopping bag and the keycard for room 418.

She took the shopping bag from him, touched his hand and let it linger for a while. Nodding her head and dropping eye contact, “Yes sir” she said and turned away heading for the room.

As she made her way through the hotel, it felt like all the men’s glazes towards her were burning her skin. “It’s impossible that everyone is looking at me, and knows! It must just be in my head”, she thought to herself.

She got to the hotel room door and fumbled with the keycard dropping it to the floor. “Fuck”, she said annoyed with herself wondering if the older couple across the hall had heard her. Sir had told her not to use vulgar language without his permission.

She entered the room, it was cool and smelt fresh. It was minimalistically decorated in a contemporary style not quite to the usual taste of Sir she thought. Her attention moved to the shopping bag, “What did Sir have planned for her this time? Sexy lingerie, a dress, jewellery?

She turned to sit down on the bed, stopping midway remembering that Sir did not like entering the room and seeing creases on the bed and the room not in perfect order.

She put her hand into the bag and felt a pair of heels, taking them out and laying them at the foot of the bed. Next a black knee length fitted skirt followed by a transparent ivory satin blouse. Emptying the remainder of the shopping bag onto the bed she saw a white demi bra and pair of beige low rise bikini knickers. This was odd. She was always impressed by the items that “Sir” bought her, always fashionable, perfectly fitting and tastefully assembled. “Why these beige cotton pants?” she said out aloud. “Is this a trick, hmmm what should I do? I don’t want to disappoint Sir”.

She started undressing, dropping her clothes to the floor. She caught a glimpse of her naked body in the mirror, turning to face it she saw the Brazilian Sir had sent her to get. She touched the thin strip of hair, it felt sexy and the ache was back in her pussy, her right hand automatically lightly caressing her breasts. She stopped suddenly, she did not want to risk the chance of getting too aroused and wetting her knickers before Sir got there.

She put on the knickers, as usual a perfect fit, they felt very comfortable. the bra was very pretty and she like how it showed off her breasts, it felt very sexy and she could feel that ache coming back. The skirt and blouse were nice, not anything she would buy for herself.

She picked up her clothes packed them neatly in into the shopping bag and put them on the cupboard shelf. Slipping her feet into the heels she inspected herself in the mirror, she felt good and grown up. “Sir would like this”.

She sat down on the armchair opposite the entrance to the room, her bum perched on the edge of the seat and feet and legs together. Waiting, resisting the urge to grind her ass into the chair.

After what felt like ages, she heard a noise at the door, she heard the lock mechanism and the handle turn. The door opened and he was there, her heart racing, she raised to her feet standing in front of him.

As he opened the door there she was, standing in the outfit he had purchased. It was a good choice, the bra was elegant and sexy.  He closed the door applied the door chain, paused for a moment taking in the picture of her again. He emptied his pockets putting his keys, wallet and some change on the desk in the room.

“This room is nice”, he thought. “You have kept it tidy, just the way I expect”, he said smiling at her.

“Thank you Sir, I do like to please you.” she said softly.

“Come over here and welcome me properly”, he instructed her as he presented his cheek to her.

She nodded and walked over to him and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek. She recognised the familiar smell of his aftershave, there was always something comforting she felt when close in his presence. She loved to please him and and also enjoyed the things he rewarded her with.

She ran her hand down his chest over his shirt, stopping at his belt. She kneeled down in front of him, using both her hands she undid his belt, loosened the top button and lowered his zipper. She lowered his trousers and pressed her lips against his pants, she could feel his hard cock though the material of his pants. Again that familiar musky odour from the shower soap Sir likes.

She gently cupped his balls and gave a little squeeze and ran her hand up along his hard shaft. Looking up at him, “are you ready for me to welcome you”. “That’s a good girl” he replied, “your manners are getting better and better, yes proceed”.

She ran her fingers inside the waistband of his pants from the front to the back ,slipping his pants down over his bum and then the front, exposing Sir’s very hard manhood. She took hold of his cock, it felt warm as it filled her hand. With her right hand taking hold of his balls, she slid her left hand up his shaft and massaged the head of his cock between her thumb and fore finger. “Do you like Sir?”, she asked.

“You can start he said to her”, she was taken by the tone of his voice,  It was affectionate and loving quite different from the usual assertive and firm manner just seconds earlier.

She took him in her mouth, she just loved sucking cock, it was something she felt confident with. She gagged briefly and continued to suck. She paused from time to time, squeezing his shaft and balls while she licked and gently nibbled on his head.

“I’m getting close” he said to her, “Suck me dry”. With his hands on either side of her head he took hold of her hair and held it firmly. Still firmly holding on to her hair he guided her head to match the rhythm of  his writhing hips.

She felt his balls contract and closed her eyes in anticipation of the warm saltiness she was about to expect bursting into her mouth. Then is came, he paused briefly, and she felt twitching of his cock and he climaxed. She continued to stroke his shaft and balls while she drained him completely.

“Now the shoes”, he instructed. “Yes Sir”, she said as she loosed his laces and slipped off his shoes , followed by his trousers and his pants. He took her land and helped her to her feet, “Do I look after you well?” her asked her. “Yes sir, I am so lucky to have you” she replied.

“Let me look at you, turn around”.

She did a little curtsey followed with twirl in front of him. For a moment she felt like a little girl with a new twirly dress.

“Bend over the bed” he said as he moved her in front of the bed. He slid her skirt up over over her hips exposing the beige cotton knickers she had found in the bag. “What’s this!” he quipped, “are you on your period, what’s with these?”, his voice sounding very animated.

“Sir…” she tried to reply. “Keep quite, you know what I like and these are not acceptable to wear for me. I’ll have to fix things again.” his voice lower and sounding almost exited.

She felt a mixture of feelings, embarrassment, nervousness and excitement, she felt his finger grabbing her knickers from between her legs. She could not fight it any more and gave into her arousal, she felt her pussy swell and get wet. He ripped the gusset apart with his hands, he continued to rip her knickers up the back exposing her bum, she felt the cool hotel room air against her skin and the wetness of her pussy intensifying her senses even more. She was now very wet and needed immediate satisfaction to alleviate the ache in her pussy.

He kneeled down behind her, opened her ass cheeks, he could smell her, how ready she was, how desperate her need was. “You need a little disciple”, he said to her in a raspy voice. He licked her asshole and stuck two fingers in her pussy.

She was overcome by sensory overload and nearly lost her footing, she recovered and grabbed hold of the bedding in handfuls of sheets steadying herself. She closed her eyes arching her back and groaned as he licked her ass and finger fucked her pussy. He could sense that she was getting close, “Oh no, not so soon, you will have to wait a little longer.”

“Argh” she thought, “I’m so close”. “Yes Sir, you know what’s best for me Sir”, she barely managed to reply.

He stood up behind her,  lubricating his cock with her pussy juices. He positioned his cock at her anus and applied a little pressure, the head of his cock entered her. She groaned and pressed back against him.

This is your punishment he said as he rammed his cock hard and fast into her. “Fuck me”, she cried out. He pulled his cock back slowly and then started a slow rhythm fucking her ass. She felt so tight, he was going to cum soon.  

The sensation was now completely overwhelming and she was close to orgasm. Involuntarily she began grunting each time he thrusted into her. He quicken the pace, grabbing her hair firmly and pulling her towards him as he fucked her harder.

Her orgasm was so intense, she felt the waves of sensation flow through her body. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck”, she uttered. “I’m not done with you yet young lady”, he said thrusting harder.

He came suddenly, he slowed down and she could feel his cock twitching in her ass. He pulled himself out stepped back and give her a hard stinging slap on her arse. “Did you learn your lesson”, he asked her. “Yes sir she said”, feeling suddenly emotional. “You look after me very well”.

She stood up, removed the remains of the ripped knickers and adjusted her skirt.

“Sir, are my lessons done for the day?”, she asked him. “Yes they are, you can leave now”, he said as he presented his cheek to her again.

She reached up, held his face in her hands, looked him in the eyes and gently kissed him on the lips. “You are pushing your luck”, he chuckled.

With a cheeky look in her eyes, she winked at him turned around, grabbed her clothes from the cupboard shelf and quickly exited the room.


in the shower with pandora

in-the-showerI’m stroking your back as you lay collapsed on my chest. Your face glows after you climaxed riding on top of me. It’s been a hot afternoon and we are both sticky in each other’s embrace.

I kiss your on your forehead, roll you over onto the bed. I get up and walk to the shower.

I turn the shower on lukewarm, it feels so refreshing. I close my eyes and stand directly under the shower head, the flow of water hitting my head and running down over my shoulders. I hear the shower door open, I get a small fright seeing you standing unexpectedly in from of me. You have a smile on your face with that naughty glint in your eye.

I look at you standing naked in front of me, you cheeks and your nipples still flushed. the skin over your pubic bone red from riding me just moments earlier. I pull you close to me, getting hard instantly. As my cock stiffens it rises to meet you pussy. The water flows over our bodies like a nature’s own lubrication.

We gyrate our hips in unison and my cock slides across your pussy, I want you again! I grab the shower gel and squirt some into my hand. You hold out yours for some too and then kiss me passionately.

We lather each other’s bodies, you run your hands over my shoulders and my arms as I reach out and rub your breasts. I feel highly charged, your touch is like electricity. I turn you around, rub your tummy and move down to your pussy which with the shower gel feels so warm, soft and silky. It’s hard to resist the temptation of slipping my fingers between your lips.

I’m very aroused and feel the sensation building as I rub my cock between you bum cheeks. I let the water rinse all the soap from our bodies.

I reach out squeeze your nipples and you let out a small groan in pleasure. I reach down and feel you pussy as you grab my cock in your hand stroking it up and down.

I move you against the wall, open you legs apart and position my cock to enter you from behind.

You feel incredible, I make a few hard deliberate thrusts , you loose your footing and we both laugh out loud.

I enter you again, you are so turned on and back into me as I thrust my cock deep as I can into your pussy . You bounce off me and we laugh again. I hold onto your hips with both hands and increase the rhythm. I hear as my cock squeezes out your pussy juices and my balls slap against your bum cheeks.

We both getting close, you reach between your legs and grab on to my balls squeezing gently.

As the rhythm intensifies I hear your breathing getting louder and louder. All of a sudden I explode inside you , you release my balls raise you head up and let out a cry as you orgasm.

You lean you hands against the wall and push back a few more times , I feel your pussy contract around my cock. I wondered where we both got the energy after the afternoon session we already had.

You turn around and put you arms around my neck pulling me closer to you, kissing me again on the mouth , I can taste your familiar taste as you push your tongue deep into my mouth.

You turn off the water and we get out of the shower. I am, very aware that my cock is still hard like it’s standing to attention in front of you. You see my awkwardness and tease me with a wink.

We dry ourselves off, you put on a bathroom gown and I wrapped a towel around me, we walk back into the bedroom. I look for my clothes to get dressed, as you fall onto the bed. I can see on your face that you are up to something, you get onto all fours with your bum facing me. you look back at me invitingly as you lift the gown up over you bum. I see you pink pussy from under you bum cheeks still glistening from the shower. I feel a tingling in my groin, drop the towel to the floor, here we go again …..

blindfolded in the woods

They had arranged to meet in the carpark next to the woods. She had decided to surprise him by wearing only a bra and panties under her trench coat. She chose her electric blue satin matching pair as they made her feel sexy and the fit over her bum her feel confident. Regrettably she swapped her heels for a pair of LK pumps, but as her excitement started to build and soon forgot about the compromise with her shoes.

She had never done this before and felt a combination of thrill, excitement and apprehension. She got in her car and drove off to the car park. She felt sensually alive wearing only her underwear, but was very nervous of seeing anyone she knew or even worse …. getting pulled over for speeding or some minor traffic office and having to face the police in the knickers.

She was getting closer and her mind was racing, would he be there , did he have anything planned, what must she say when they meet face to face. The anticipation was building and she felt a burning in her loins, gripping harder on the steering wheel she felt herself squirming in her seat. it was a long time since she had felt so sexually aware. As she parked the car, a fear gripped her , she hoped that her arousal had not wet her panties as it would show against the bright blue satin fabric.

Turning the engine off she lifted her coat up and inspected herself , phew it was all good. she adjusted herself, opened the door and stepped out. Remembering his description she saw that his car was already there. There was a public path leading into the woods which she followed, very thankful now that she left her heels behind.

Her senses were extremely heightened, there was a fire in her belly. Walking deeper into the woods she could not see the car park anymore and was not sure whether it was fear or excitement beginning to overwhelm her.

She heard a cracking sound behind her, a strong pair or arms wrapped around her waist. “ Shh, It’s me” she heard whispered in her ear.

Holding her tight, he led her swiftly off the path deeper into the woods behind a Holly thicket next to a large Ash tree. He had thought of several scenarios for their encounter but in that moment feeling her in his arms, the smell of her perfume, her hair against his face it was like time had stopped.

He positioned her facing the tree, she pushed her bum against his groin and could feel his erection though her coat and his trousers. After a brief pause  he pulled out a black blindfold, “don’t worry” whispering in her ear again and tying the blindfold firmly covering her eyes.

Using his knee he spread her legs wider keeping her against the tree. He was now very hard tensing his perineum to try and  control his arousal. He loosened her coat belt and it fell open, he felt her skin moving his hand over her tummy discovering a belly piercing and the top of her knickers. “mmm, oh yes, very good ”  his voice now audibly raspy as he explored the silky feeling of her knickers. “just for you” she gasped as his hand moved over her pussy.

She had never been that wet ever. She felt electrified all over over her body and her nipples felt almost painful. She reached up with her hand pulled her bra down exposing her breasts and squeezed her nipples to relieve the sensation. She could smell his cologne, it was familiar and comforting but she could not place the familiar odor. Her initial fear was now replaced by excitement.

He felt the mound of her pussy under her knickers, it was warm and slightly most. He slipped his hand in finding her pussy … wet and ready for satisfaction. He circled her clit and heard her moan in delight. He slipped her coat over her shoulders and it fell to the ground as he bent her slightly over, she extended her arms resting against the Ash, her legs apart.

She heard his belt buckle loosen and the the sound of his zipper, all her senses working overtime as a result of the blindfold, “yes now” she said almost unawares as she waited for him to enter her. she needed it now!

He moved her knickers to the side of her pussy and entered her, the sensation was extreme. He felt her consume him, warm, moist and snug. He entered much quicker than he expected as her pussy was so wet.

“Fuck”, she cried out as he thrusted harder and pushed back against him matching his rhythm.

He reached over with his right hand and rubbed her clit and he continued to thrust his cock deep and hard. The other hand cupped her breast and squeezed her nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

She was in sensory overload, she felt a sensation starting in her toes she tried to fight it gripping her toes in her pumps and  then almost lost her balance as the waves of pleasure overcame her. she let out a primal groan as the sensation was just too much.

He felt her body tense as she came, and her pussy contracting over his cock. He was nearly ready too. In their moment of passion they had not noticed that the heavens had opened up and that they were drenched by a sudden thunder shower.

He turned her around facing him, still with the blindfold on. raindrops running down from her face over her exposed breasts. she was stunning and he tried to take it all in. He took her by the hand and shoulder and maneuvered her to her knees in front of him, “my turn” he said to her.

Thankful for the coat on the ground which she kneeled on,  she explored him with her hands starting from his chest now also also drenched by the rain. She lowered her hands following the contours of his torso and found his cock, it has still fully erect and very hard. She grasped it in her hand and stroked him. It felt well lubricated by the rain and the cum juices from her pussy.

“Suck me” he instructed. he felt her take in her mouth, “oh … that feels good”. She cupped and gently squeezed his balls  as she rhythmically sucked his cock from time to time teasing his head with her teeth. He instinctively tried to match her rhythm holding on to her head feeling her wet hair. His vision a little blurry from the rain , she looked like an angel kneeling in front of him.

“I’m close, swallow”  he croaked. She felt his balls contract and then a stream of warm saltiness hit the back of her mouth, too much to swallow at once.

When he came in her mouth, the sensation traveled all the way up his spine nearly jerking him. He opened his eyes and looked down at her as she pushed the blindfold up over her eyes. She smiled which then turned into a big grin.

He took her hands and helped her to feet feed. “you did well” he said and kissed her on the lips. again she smiled. they walk hand in hand back to their cars in silence taking in the earthy smell of the rain and the sun starting to peek through the clouds.

She looked back at him, “your were not to bad yourself” she quipped and got into her car and drove off.

just friends

We’re sitting together, friends, just chilling and drinking wine. There is a clear attraction but neither of us have acted on it. As the evening progresses and a little more wine is consumed, we start to make more and more eye contact, our gazes linger long and longer.

I get up to refill our glasses and sit back down on the sofa next to you, our legs touch and we both feel the electricity.  I get an erection almost immediately. I feel a little embarrassed, hoping that you have not seen, I adjust my position to hide it as much as I can resulting in us even closer together.

You touch my arm sharing a joke, we laugh out loud together. I am now very acutely aware of our touching. You seem to be a little more carefree and your body language seems to be more an more flirty. You rest you head on my shoulders and let out a little sigh. I’m not sure how to read the situation. I am getting more and more aroused, I hold back as I get this overwhelming desire to kiss you.

I feel like a teenager, I adjust my position and rest my arm on the sofa behind you. I get a whiff of the combined smell of your shampoo and perfume, and,  it’s intoxicating.  I can feel you hair falling on my hand. Automatically I touch your neck, you respond by lifting your head up, you eyes are closed, you seem to enjoy my touch but don’t say anything.

You rest you head on my shoulder again shifting to weigh and leaning completely into me. You put your hand on my thigh, moving it higher up. I can’t help lightly writhe my hips in response to you touch.

I turn to face you,  touch your cheek gently then running my finger from your ear to your chin while guiding your face towards mine. You open your eyes, I see them sparkle. I kiss you softly on your lips, I pull back to see you smile.

All of a sudden it’s like a capacitor has discharged, charging us both with a sexual energy we can’t control. In unison we embrace and kiss passionately, I feel you tongue explore deeply in my mouth.

We fall into each other with you on top of me, our groins pressed hard against each other. You feel my erection against you. You press harder trying to satisfy the desire you feel burning inside you. I turn you over onto you back, you arch your back as a burning takes over you. I reach down and kiss you with my full weight against you. I can feel the heat from your pussy against me. As we kiss you lift my shirt and run your hand up my back as our hips rub against each other.

You pull off my shirt, exploring my chest with your hands . My face feels flushed and jaw feels a little sore from the passionate kissing. I start to unbutton your blouse exposing your tummy and you breasts which are covered with a white satin lacy bra. You reach behind your back releasing you bra and slipping your arms through the straps dropping it next to you on the floor. I cup your naked breasts in my hands, bending down to kiss and gently suck each nipple in turn. As i do, I feel your nipples harden in my mouth. I squeeze your nipples harder with my fingers and you gasp as the sensation travels throughout your body, your pussy now feeling very wet and needing release……

our first kiss

It started with the touches here and there, the little subtleties indicating that you’re interested.

Snuggling up to me, you face so close to mine, feeling your nose brush up against my neck, I can smell your shampoo and your perfume.

I am getting so turned on … I can just grab you.. I look at your sexy body wondering if you have your knickers on.

All I can see and think about is you.

I enjoy you closeness and wonder how long we have together. You look at me with a glint in your eyes, pull me back towards you. My mind and my heart are racing. I kiss you on your cheek, you smell wonderful.

You turn your face towards me, we embrace and almost automatically we kiss. I feel your tongue purposely and hungrily entering my mouth searching for mine. You taste warm and sweet.

I am so hard, I feel like I will explode. Feeling your hands grasping the back of my neck, you tongue deep and forcefully in my mouth I am so ready for you.

I slide hand from you waist down you leg feeling the silky feel of you tights. My hand slowly explores up your skirt, I grab your leg , lift it and press myself towards you a little firmer feeling you against me. My fingers inch up along your thigh, I can’t feel it getting warmer. I want to rip your tights  and feel how ready you are.

I get another passionate kiss from you, I don’t know what to do next. Having kissed you and tasted your passion …. I’m hooked.