our first kiss

It started with the touches here and there, the little subtleties indicating that you’re interested.

Snuggling up to me, you face so close to mine, feeling your nose brush up against my neck, I can smell your shampoo and your perfume.

I am getting so turned on … I can just grab you.. I look at your sexy body wondering if you have your knickers on.

All I can see and think about is you.

I enjoy you closeness and wonder how long we have together. You look at me with a glint in your eyes, pull me back towards you. My mind and my heart are racing. I kiss you on your cheek, you smell wonderful.

You turn your face towards me, we embrace and almost automatically we kiss. I feel your tongue purposely and hungrily entering my mouth searching for mine. You taste warm and sweet.

I am so hard, I feel like I will explode. Feeling your hands grasping the back of my neck, you tongue deep and forcefully in my mouth I am so ready for you.

I slide hand from you waist down you leg feeling the silky feel of you tights. My hand slowly explores up your skirt, I grab your leg , lift it and press myself towards you a little firmer feeling you against me. My fingers inch up along your thigh, I can’t feel it getting warmer. I want to rip your tights  and feel how ready you are.

I get another passionate kiss from you, I don’t know what to do next. Having kissed you and tasted your passion …. I’m hooked.


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