blindfolded in the woods

They had arranged to meet in the carpark next to the woods. She had decided to surprise him by wearing only a bra and panties under her trench coat. She chose her electric blue satin matching pair as they made her feel sexy and the fit over her bum her feel confident. Regrettably she swapped her heels for a pair of LK pumps, but as her excitement started to build and soon forgot about the compromise with her shoes.

She had never done this before and felt a combination of thrill, excitement and apprehension. She got in her car and drove off to the car park. She felt sensually alive wearing only her underwear, but was very nervous of seeing anyone she knew or even worse …. getting pulled over for speeding or some minor traffic office and having to face the police in the knickers.

She was getting closer and her mind was racing, would he be there , did he have anything planned, what must she say when they meet face to face. The anticipation was building and she felt a burning in her loins, gripping harder on the steering wheel she felt herself squirming in her seat. it was a long time since she had felt so sexually aware. As she parked the car, a fear gripped her , she hoped that her arousal had not wet her panties as it would show against the bright blue satin fabric.

Turning the engine off she lifted her coat up and inspected herself , phew it was all good. she adjusted herself, opened the door and stepped out. Remembering his description she saw that his car was already there. There was a public path leading into the woods which she followed, very thankful now that she left her heels behind.

Her senses were extremely heightened, there was a fire in her belly. Walking deeper into the woods she could not see the car park anymore and was not sure whether it was fear or excitement beginning to overwhelm her.

She heard a cracking sound behind her, a strong pair or arms wrapped around her waist. “ Shh, It’s me” she heard whispered in her ear.

Holding her tight, he led her swiftly off the path deeper into the woods behind a Holly thicket next to a large Ash tree. He had thought of several scenarios for their encounter but in that moment feeling her in his arms, the smell of her perfume, her hair against his face it was like time had stopped.

He positioned her facing the tree, she pushed her bum against his groin and could feel his erection though her coat and his trousers. After a brief pause  he pulled out a black blindfold, “don’t worry” whispering in her ear again and tying the blindfold firmly covering her eyes.

Using his knee he spread her legs wider keeping her against the tree. He was now very hard tensing his perineum to try and  control his arousal. He loosened her coat belt and it fell open, he felt her skin moving his hand over her tummy discovering a belly piercing and the top of her knickers. “mmm, oh yes, very good ”  his voice now audibly raspy as he explored the silky feeling of her knickers. “just for you” she gasped as his hand moved over her pussy.

She had never been that wet ever. She felt electrified all over over her body and her nipples felt almost painful. She reached up with her hand pulled her bra down exposing her breasts and squeezed her nipples to relieve the sensation. She could smell his cologne, it was familiar and comforting but she could not place the familiar odor. Her initial fear was now replaced by excitement.

He felt the mound of her pussy under her knickers, it was warm and slightly most. He slipped his hand in finding her pussy … wet and ready for satisfaction. He circled her clit and heard her moan in delight. He slipped her coat over her shoulders and it fell to the ground as he bent her slightly over, she extended her arms resting against the Ash, her legs apart.

She heard his belt buckle loosen and the the sound of his zipper, all her senses working overtime as a result of the blindfold, “yes now” she said almost unawares as she waited for him to enter her. she needed it now!

He moved her knickers to the side of her pussy and entered her, the sensation was extreme. He felt her consume him, warm, moist and snug. He entered much quicker than he expected as her pussy was so wet.

“Fuck”, she cried out as he thrusted harder and pushed back against him matching his rhythm.

He reached over with his right hand and rubbed her clit and he continued to thrust his cock deep and hard. The other hand cupped her breast and squeezed her nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

She was in sensory overload, she felt a sensation starting in her toes she tried to fight it gripping her toes in her pumps and  then almost lost her balance as the waves of pleasure overcame her. she let out a primal groan as the sensation was just too much.

He felt her body tense as she came, and her pussy contracting over his cock. He was nearly ready too. In their moment of passion they had not noticed that the heavens had opened up and that they were drenched by a sudden thunder shower.

He turned her around facing him, still with the blindfold on. raindrops running down from her face over her exposed breasts. she was stunning and he tried to take it all in. He took her by the hand and shoulder and maneuvered her to her knees in front of him, “my turn” he said to her.

Thankful for the coat on the ground which she kneeled on,  she explored him with her hands starting from his chest now also also drenched by the rain. She lowered her hands following the contours of his torso and found his cock, it has still fully erect and very hard. She grasped it in her hand and stroked him. It felt well lubricated by the rain and the cum juices from her pussy.

“Suck me” he instructed. he felt her take in her mouth, “oh … that feels good”. She cupped and gently squeezed his balls  as she rhythmically sucked his cock from time to time teasing his head with her teeth. He instinctively tried to match her rhythm holding on to her head feeling her wet hair. His vision a little blurry from the rain , she looked like an angel kneeling in front of him.

“I’m close, swallow”  he croaked. She felt his balls contract and then a stream of warm saltiness hit the back of her mouth, too much to swallow at once.

When he came in her mouth, the sensation traveled all the way up his spine nearly jerking him. He opened his eyes and looked down at her as she pushed the blindfold up over her eyes. She smiled which then turned into a big grin.

He took her hands and helped her to feet feed. “you did well” he said and kissed her on the lips. again she smiled. they walk hand in hand back to their cars in silence taking in the earthy smell of the rain and the sun starting to peek through the clouds.

She looked back at him, “your were not to bad yourself” she quipped and got into her car and drove off.


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