just friends

We’re sitting together, friends, just chilling and drinking wine. There is a clear attraction but neither of us have acted on it. As the evening progresses and a little more wine is consumed, we start to make more and more eye contact, our gazes linger long and longer.

I get up to refill our glasses and sit back down on the sofa next to you, our legs touch and we both feel the electricity.  I get an erection almost immediately. I feel a little embarrassed, hoping that you have not seen, I adjust my position to hide it as much as I can resulting in us even closer together.

You touch my arm sharing a joke, we laugh out loud together. I am now very acutely aware of our touching. You seem to be a little more carefree and your body language seems to be more an more flirty. You rest you head on my shoulders and let out a little sigh. I’m not sure how to read the situation. I am getting more and more aroused, I hold back as I get this overwhelming desire to kiss you.

I feel like a teenager, I adjust my position and rest my arm on the sofa behind you. I get a whiff of the combined smell of your shampoo and perfume, and,  it’s intoxicating.  I can feel you hair falling on my hand. Automatically I touch your neck, you respond by lifting your head up, you eyes are closed, you seem to enjoy my touch but don’t say anything.

You rest you head on my shoulder again shifting to weigh and leaning completely into me. You put your hand on my thigh, moving it higher up. I can’t help lightly writhe my hips in response to you touch.

I turn to face you,  touch your cheek gently then running my finger from your ear to your chin while guiding your face towards mine. You open your eyes, I see them sparkle. I kiss you softly on your lips, I pull back to see you smile.

All of a sudden it’s like a capacitor has discharged, charging us both with a sexual energy we can’t control. In unison we embrace and kiss passionately, I feel you tongue explore deeply in my mouth.

We fall into each other with you on top of me, our groins pressed hard against each other. You feel my erection against you. You press harder trying to satisfy the desire you feel burning inside you. I turn you over onto you back, you arch your back as a burning takes over you. I reach down and kiss you with my full weight against you. I can feel the heat from your pussy against me. As we kiss you lift my shirt and run your hand up my back as our hips rub against each other.

You pull off my shirt, exploring my chest with your hands . My face feels flushed and jaw feels a little sore from the passionate kissing. I start to unbutton your blouse exposing your tummy and you breasts which are covered with a white satin lacy bra. You reach behind your back releasing you bra and slipping your arms through the straps dropping it next to you on the floor. I cup your naked breasts in my hands, bending down to kiss and gently suck each nipple in turn. As i do, I feel your nipples harden in my mouth. I squeeze your nipples harder with my fingers and you gasp as the sensation travels throughout your body, your pussy now feeling very wet and needing release……


2 thoughts on “just friends

  1. how do You know what exactly do we feel? it amazes me how precise You are with the descriptions… You must be an amazing lover given the way You can read us…. lucky Your Mrs…lucky her

    Liked by 1 person

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