in the shower with pandora

in-the-showerI’m stroking your back as you lay collapsed on my chest. Your face glows after you climaxed riding on top of me. It’s been a hot afternoon and we are both sticky in each other’s embrace.

I kiss your on your forehead, roll you over onto the bed. I get up and walk to the shower.

I turn the shower on lukewarm, it feels so refreshing. I close my eyes and stand directly under the shower head, the flow of water hitting my head and running down over my shoulders. I hear the shower door open, I get a small fright seeing you standing unexpectedly in from of me. You have a smile on your face with that naughty glint in your eye.

I look at you standing naked in front of me, you cheeks and your nipples still flushed. the skin over your pubic bone red from riding me just moments earlier. I pull you close to me, getting hard instantly. As my cock stiffens it rises to meet you pussy. The water flows over our bodies like a nature’s own lubrication.

We gyrate our hips in unison and my cock slides across your pussy, I want you again! I grab the shower gel and squirt some into my hand. You hold out yours for some too and then kiss me passionately.

We lather each other’s bodies, you run your hands over my shoulders and my arms as I reach out and rub your breasts. I feel highly charged, your touch is like electricity. I turn you around, rub your tummy and move down to your pussy which with the shower gel feels so warm, soft and silky. It’s hard to resist the temptation of slipping my fingers between your lips.

I’m very aroused and feel the sensation building as I rub my cock between you bum cheeks. I let the water rinse all the soap from our bodies.

I reach out squeeze your nipples and you let out a small groan in pleasure. I reach down and feel you pussy as you grab my cock in your hand stroking it up and down.

I move you against the wall, open you legs apart and position my cock to enter you from behind.

You feel incredible, I make a few hard deliberate thrusts , you loose your footing and we both laugh out loud.

I enter you again, you are so turned on and back into me as I thrust my cock deep as I can into your pussy . You bounce off me and we laugh again. I hold onto your hips with both hands and increase the rhythm. I hear as my cock squeezes out your pussy juices and my balls slap against your bum cheeks.

We both getting close, you reach between your legs and grab on to my balls squeezing gently.

As the rhythm intensifies I hear your breathing getting louder and louder. All of a sudden I explode inside you , you release my balls raise you head up and let out a cry as you orgasm.

You lean you hands against the wall and push back a few more times , I feel your pussy contract around my cock. I wondered where we both got the energy after the afternoon session we already had.

You turn around and put you arms around my neck pulling me closer to you, kissing me again on the mouth , I can taste your familiar taste as you push your tongue deep into my mouth.

You turn off the water and we get out of the shower. I am, very aware that my cock is still hard like it’s standing to attention in front of you. You see my awkwardness and tease me with a wink.

We dry ourselves off, you put on a bathroom gown and I wrapped a towel around me, we walk back into the bedroom. I look for my clothes to get dressed, as you fall onto the bed. I can see on your face that you are up to something, you get onto all fours with your bum facing me. you look back at me invitingly as you lift the gown up over you bum. I see you pink pussy from under you bum cheeks still glistening from the shower. I feel a tingling in my groin, drop the towel to the floor, here we go again …..


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