glorious morning arousal

I’m lying in bed, somewhere between dreaming and half awake, aware of your presence near me. You shift next to me and I feel you hand slide onto my chest, exploring and caressing. You move your hand over my tummy. Teasing me, you move your hand over my thigh, lightly brushing against me. I tense all over as feel a tingling sensation move over my body.

You slide your body on top of me, I can smell you and it’s so intoxicating. You kiss my face , I open my eyes and see your smile. As I wake up more, I look up at your body over me, your nipples flushed and hard. your are turned on by how quick i respond to your touch.

You rest all your weight on me, your pussy straddling my cock, enveloping me and feeling all warm and soft. I’m very hard and ready for you.

You bend down and continue to kiss me, you start moving you hips gently rubbing up and down on me. Your moistness covering me, I can’t help my hips gyrating in unison with yours and as the urgency increases , all I want is to be inside you.

I smell you again as you come close to me pushing you tongue deep inside my mouth, tasting you hunger , how much more you want me. I grab your ass  holding you close to me, your skin feels soft and smooth. I feel a little beads of perspiration in the hollow of your back. I want more of you.

Almost as though you inhale, it feels like you suck me inside you as my cock enters your pussy. I feel every millimeter as I enter you, you feel warm and so moist. We fit so well.

You let out a little moan of pleasure, you sit up forcing me deeper inside you, riding me gently. It’s not long and I cum inside you filling you up with my warm pleasure, triggering your orgasm. You lay down on top of me each of as take in the in the warm and glorious afterglow each other.



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