desire for suzy

Standing in front of you , running my fingers through your hair and caressing the back of you neck. Wrapping my other hand around your waist pulling you into me, as our hips touch I feel you press your groin into mine.

I kiss you on the mouth, pull back and look into your eyes, they screen “YES PLEASE, don’t stop”. We move towards each other in unison, our lips lock, tongues meeting with force and purpose

My hand travels down your back to your bum, as my hand flows over I get even more turned on. I move my hand down over your thigh and back up again lifting up your skirt. The inside of your thigh so feels smooth, you instinctively straddle with your feet wider apart

I tease you along the edges of your knickers. As I brush past your pussy, you let out a little groan wanting more. You start grinding your hips into me feeling me getting harder and harder as it fills with desire, my hand slips into the top of you knickers, I feel goosebumps on your skin. I squeeze ypur bum, then reach further down, you gasp as I touch your pussy.It feels warm and so inviting.

My other hand follows the contours of your face , neck , shoulders and over your breast. Down over your tummy,  I lift your skirt over your hips. With an open hand I cup your pussy over the top of your knickers, they feel a little damp. I feel your kissing intensifying.

I slip my hand into your knickers you are so ready that my fingers just flow in almost like you sucking me in. I rub your clit and explore the inside of you pussy touching on you g-spot.

You start undoing my trousers, the passion and urgency between us intensifies. I kneel down in front of you looking at you pretty knickers, I feel you playing with my hair. I pull your knickers down slipping them off over your hips.I can feel your finger pressing harder into my scalp.

Seeing your pussy exposed my senses get heightened. I press my lips against it , tasting you. I can smell a mixture of you body wash , moisturising cream and your desire ….. It’s intoxicating

You step out of your knickers, I slip my pants and trousers off together as I stand up, exposing all of me , hard, erect and throbbing. I move back to you embracing you in my arms. My cock slides against your pussy lubricating it with you juiced

I lift your top off , I see you have a matching bra. I kiss you again, fumble trying to undo the strap, it comes loose, you arch your shoulders and let it slip to the floor

Your breasts are so delicious with your nipples flushed and hard, I move towards them taking in the scent of your perfume.I kiss, then suck and gently bite as if feel you nipple harden even more in my mouth

We grind our hips in a matching rhythm,  my cock enters you …warm , moist and snug. The sensation of entering you is so extreme I have to stop to prevent myself immediately exploding inside you .. I pull out.

You groan into my ear “I want you “. We fall onto the sofa in each other’s embrace, laughing and and giggling. You lay on top of me kissing my chest, then my face.

I pull you nearer and suck harder on your nipples. You kneel over me take my cock in your hands and struck it bending down and kissing it on its head teasing with your tongue.

You position it against your pussy, it slides in as you slowly lower yourself onto me. You shift position and lie against me, I can feel your hard nipples against my chest

We move in tandem, I grab you ass, pulling your cheeks slightly apart. You start speeding up, pressing you click forcefully and harder against me. I see a determination in your expression, you want to cum now

I fight the sensation to ejaculate, the feeling in so intense it’s almost painful. I can’t hold back any longer and explode, you feel my warm cum fill you

You breathing intensifies and you ride me harder. The sensation I feel is overwhelming, I feel your grip intensifying as you cum. You slow down and relieve the pressure against your clit as you feel the waves of sensation travelling through you body

You bend down, kiss me and say “Thank you, that was awesome”, resting you face against me. We’re both boiling, I chuckle as I feel you tense your pelvic floor and squeeze me.

Suddenly I am away of our perspiration, the moistness of our bodies intensifying the odour of your perfume. Our scents combine echoing our just passionate embrace.


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