Smooth, Trimmed, Natural ?


I was recently reminded of one of my first sexual encounters and the first time I slipped my hand into my girlfriends knickers. We were 16 and its still to this day one of the standout sexual encounters in my memory.

I remember it like it was this afternoon. We were kissing, our teenage hormones in embrace. She was grinding her groin against my leg and I wondered if this was the time. I slipped my handover her tummy, felt the rise of her mound as my fingers found the edge of her pubic hair, it was so erotic. I will leave the rest to your own imagination.

I have had equally satisfying moments with pussy’s in various combinations of “dress”, natural, slightly trimmed, Brazilian, and smooth.

When I ask myself what do I prefer, I can honestly say that each pussy is special and every moment is one which resides in my memory, I can’t say that I prefer one style over the next.

What do you prefer?