Birthday Girl Treat (Part One)


“Meet me for lunch at the hotel, usual time, usual place, don’t be late” was the text she received from him. She squealed with excitement, wondering what he had in store for her birthday.

She was nearly at the hotel, 5 minutes late. She was becoming more and more anxious from the combination of excitement and the stress from being late for him. The cab stopped outside the hotel, the doorman opened the cab door. She fumbled the fare as her hands shook and dropped the money all over the inside of the cab.

“Let me take care of that for you my lady, he is waiting inside for you.”, the hotel doorman said to her as he took her hand, helped her steady herself as she climbed out of the cab. “Thank you”, she nervously smiled in return.

She stood up straight, took a few deep breaths to help compose herself and then adjusted her clothes. A tingle ran through her. “Here we go”, she said out loud.

As she exited the revolving door she saw him across the lobby, he was talking to the concierge. He looked up and saw her, she loved the way his usually stern face lit up whenever she approached him.

“8 minutes late”, he said to her tapping on his wrist as she got closer. She stopped a step away from him, discreetly dropping her head as she always did when meeting him in public to await his instruction.

He swiftly took a step towards her, took her wrist very firmly. It felt painful. He moved his head next to hers, she could feel his cheek against hers, her anxiousness increased and her heart was pounding. “We will have to work on your tardiness” we whispered with a low voice into her ear. He then looked into her eyes with his penetrating brown eyes, “You look very good my girl, happy birthday.” As the sound of his voice registered in the brain and with the excitement of the moment, a sudden rush of release came over her. If it was not been for his firm grip on her wrist, her knees would have buckled and given way from under her.

He released his grip, gently took her hand and entwined his fingers with hers. “How about a few drinks”, he said as he began walking to the bar not waiting for an answer.

They walked towards the bar, there were two freshly poured glasses of champagne he took one and offered it to her. “How does he do this, always has everything ready” she wondered with admiration.

They chatted and flirted as they finished the bottle, she loved this side of him youthful, carefree and funny. It relaxed her and made her feel special as all his attention was completely focused on her. She giggled out loud, thinking of his other side that stern steely determined and focused Sir. The man she would meet in the room later.

“What’s so funny” he asked her. She blushed, look away from his penetrating stare. “Nothing”, she quipped. “I am just a little excited. This champagne is going straight to my head.”

Like in an instant the funny, carefree man she was just flirting with was replaced with that determined look, “I have some business to attend to, here is the room key.” he said as he slid off the barstool and helping her to her feet. She took the card from his hand letting their touch linger. “Yes Sir” she replied quickly. She kissed him on the cheek as she turned and briskly walked off towards the elevators. She new she would pay for the kiss, and on top of her late arrival. That overwhelming desire only Sir could quench was ignited.

The card worked first time, she opened the door and entered in the suite that he had arranged for them. It was bigger than she expected and tried to take all her surroundings in. Her eyes fell on the , bright red velvet. The burning in her intensified, “I wonder what sir has in mind”. On the chaise lounge sat a handwritten note. She walk closer to read it.

Undress, leave your panties on and pack away your clothes

Instructions she was very familiar with, but she always treasured these notes from him.

Taking her clothes off for him was always very arousing it was so hard not to offer some release to her burning desire for him. She picked of her dress, bra and shoes and packed them neatly in the cupboard she walked past when she entered the room.

She kneeled down facing away from the entrance and rested her cheek against a pillow on the floor. Panties were already moist, her desire, the want for sir became her single focus.

She heard the electronic mechanism in the door engage, her whole body flinched with anticipation and her heart started pounding again.

He entered the room, the lights were dim, the lamp casting its light like a spotlight on her. She was beautiful, waiting as she was taught and he was pleased. He walked past her, her back arching in anticipation of his touch, his approval of her.

He lightly runs his finger along her back ending at her neck. Knowing she has pleased him, feeling his touch and smelling his familiar cologne, she lets out a soft involuntary moan.

He stops at the chaise lounge and sits down. “Come to me.” His words flowing like electricity through her as she gets up onto her feet and walks over to him. He reaches out and strokers her from her sternum down to her panties.

Her looks at her deeply and holding her hips her brings her closer to him standing between his legs. Feeling the silky fabric of her panties he firmly grabs her bum feeling the warm moistness of her desire. His fingers then explore the lacey edge of her panties lifting them slightly and allowing the elastic shoot back into place.

“Good girl, you pass inspection”

In one fluid movement he stands up turns her around and with his arm firmly under her breasts holds her tightly against himself. He buries his face into her neck and with his free left hand cupping her between her legs.

He lets out an approving moan as he feels how wet she is through the silky fabric of her panties.

He cock hardens as she is held against him, “I’m very pleased” he says into her neck. He seats her down on the chaise lounge, “Undress me”.

She stands up and begins to unbutton his shirt. Taking her time savouring the moment she looks into his eyes and her finger continue with their task as on autopilot. As his shirt opens over his chest his aroma becomes stronger, she takes a deep breath inhaling him deep into her chest.

She resists the urge to run her hand through the hair on his chest. “I am in enough trouble” she thinks to herself. Her desire aches in her loins. Kneeling down she unties his shoelaces, he lifts one foot at a time allowing her to slips off a shoe and sock. She kisses each exposed foot.

She raised to her knees and unbuckle his belt. “Give me the belt” he instructs her.

He takes the belt and fastens it around her neck, it feels firm to her but not restrictive. “Now remove my trousers”, he continues as he keeps the first hold on the belt around her neck.

As his trousers slide down, she smells a combination of my shower gel and fabric softener and finds it intoxicating. The bulge of his hard cock is clear visible, it make her warm inside at how turned on he is. She finally can’t resist to reaching out to touch, cupping his balls and running her hand along his shaft.

He allows her touching and as her fingers reach the skin on my tummy, he tightens the belt around her neck. “Did I say you can touch?”, “No Sir” she reply.

Her leads her with the belt back to the chaise lounge, like magic, two pairs of handcuffs appear. He spreads her legs apart and expertly cuff you each ankle to a leg on the chaise lounge. Standing in between her legs, he grabs a handful of hair and brings her face to his and gives her a full kiss on the lips.

I bring your face to mine and kiss you one the lips. The desire is strong to thrust her tongue in his mouth in attempt to release the ache inside her. He pulls her head away and reprimands her.

“Suck my cock” he says sharply. Surprised by the crude sounding instruction, she is further aroused, fearing that she may leave a wet mark on the chaise lounge.

she lowers his pants over his hips to the floor, her eyes locking on the the fullness of his erection. She feels a flood of satisfaction knowing that is her you have got him this turned on.
your take hold of me with both your hands.

She guides his erect penis into her mouth and sucks hard desperately wanting to taste the explosion of saltiness erupt into her mouth.

“Not just yet my girl, you will be reward I if you are a good girl, I will tell you when”

He walks behind chaise lounge facing her back and cups one of her breasts, teasing her nipple. He enjoys the feeling of satisfaction as it hardens with his touch.

He pinches it hard. She flinches with pain yet finds it highly erotic. He reaches over with his other hand and slides it under her panties and between her legs. “Your feel like you’re on fire” he says as he slips two fingers inside her dripping wet pussy.

He rubs her clit hard, it starts getting over sensitive but she don’t care needing the release. She grinds her bum into the chaise lounge as he fingers her pussy.

She beings moan louder in pleasure and as he senses her orgasm building, withdraws his hand from her panties.

He pulls her back with the belt, attaching it behind the chaise lounge keeping her neck firmly in place.

He walks around the chaise lounge standing naked and fully aroused in front of her, she can see his cock twitch. “Pleasure me”, he says to her as be move closer to her. she takes hold of his cock like it the last chance she will ever have.

Leaning into her so that she can take him in her mouth, she suck on the tip of his cock while her hand rubs his balls and strokes his hard girth.

“Now you can make me cum”

She feels a rush of excitement as she relishes the knowledge that she has his permission. He pussy is on fire, all her senses are heightened and her whole body feels aroused and sensitive to any touch. He cums without warning , she gets a full release into her mouth and lets out an involuntary moan as she tastes him..

“How is your birthday so far? Does it come close to what you may have had in mind” he says as his cock empties into her mouth. “Very, very good girl.”

He loosens the belt from behind the chaise lounge and uses it to tie her hands behind her back. “I need to get ready” he says as he leaves her on the chaise lounge burning with desire bound and not able to do anything.

After not long he appears, dressed in a dark casual suite. “I have a parcel for you on the table . Get ready and meet me at the bar. He releases her from the belt, gives her the keys for the cuffs and leaves the room.