Weekend Vanilla Fun



We are sitting next to each other on the sofa chatting and drinking wine . We start flirting exchanging knowing looks between with our eyes. I touch your leg and feel a flow of electricity flow from you through my hand and up my arm.

We instinctively move closer leaning into each other. I turn towards you, take hold of your side kiss you on the cheek and on your neck. I feel a warm flush come over my cheeks and move back holding my gaze into you eyes.

You reach out and touch my arm, in response I brush my finger against your cheek and grab you firmly by gently behind your neck. I bring you closer to me and kiss your on the lips. I linger as our lips are pressed together. As I pull back, you grab my bottom lip with your teeth.

In a one fluid movement I press you back against the sofa and straddle you, holding your face in my hands. You thrust your tongue into my mouth and we begin to kiss passionately.

You slide your hands under my shirt and over my chest. I hear you let out a little moan as you start gyrating your hips. I lay you down on the sofa and you press your hips into my groin. I lie on top of you and we continue making out.

My hand discovers the top button of your jeans and releases it first time. I slide my hand over your knickers and find your silky mound, warm and a little moist. My fingers slip in under the silky fabric. Your moan as they find your pussy. Our kissing intensifies and you push your hips into my hand.

I sit up and unbutton your top. I love how sexy you look; the lust in your eyes, ruffled hair and bra exposed.

You arch your back reaching behind to loosen your bra. Sitting up you take off your top and I help you release your bra from your arms and drop it on the floor. Your loosen by belt and jeans, freeing my cock with your hands. You grab my balls with your right hand and stroke my shaft with your left, teasing my head with your nails.

I stand up and drop my trousers and pants to the floor. Your grab onto and pull my cock as I lift my top over my shoulders. I pick you up and throw you over onto your tummy, then pull down your jeans and knickers off you exposing your bum. I lightly caress your skin and then give you a hard stinging slap on your bum. Branding you with a read handprint marking you as mine.

I bend over and kiss you down your spine. You sit up take my hand inciting me to sit down. You get up remove your jeans and knickers and kneel down between my legs with a grin and mischievous look on your face. I love watching your body move when you are naked.
You take hold of by cock firmly at the base of the shaft. “What a good girl”, I whisper. You take my head into your mouth and suck hard, teasing it with your tongue. Your take my whole length in your mouth. As the sensation reaches my brain I automatically push up my hips to get more of me into your mouth. I grab your hair as your rhythm develops moving up and down my shaft. I get a huge urge to taste your pussy.

I help you to your feet and lie you down on the sofa, lean over you and kiss you on your lips. I taste each of your breasts moving down your body kissing your tummy. I reach my target and press my lips on your clit.

I have the most erotic experience, the moment I taste a warm saltines on my tongue, smell a mixture of body cream and perfume and the wonderful aroma of your burning wet pussy. I can feel you getting close, I slow down the intensity a little and then bring you closer again. I lift you leg resting on my shoulders and slide my erect cock between your vulva. Your moan and giggle from the sensation, while I continue to rub your clit with my cock.

You desire to have me inside your becomes overwhelming, and as I adjust my position my cock slides into your pussy. Just the tip at first and then a little more and then slowly I thrust my whole length into you until our pubic bones touch.

You close you eye, arch your back and clench. I feel you tighten around me. I grown in pleasure as I make deep steady thrusts in and out of your pussy. You groaning gets louder and as faster. I can’t hold back any longer, I orgasm and cum inside you. Your feel the warm release from my cock and it pushes your to the brink. You grab my forearms with with nails as your orgasm.

I rest my body on you and feel more squeezing around my cock as the waves of please travel through your body. I feel your heart beating in your chest and hear your breath. We lay there soaking in the moment.

I am in my happy place.

Picture credit: Google Images https://goo.gl/images/d52OBl