Library Girl

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With a massive deadline approaching, lacking inspiration and motivation is not a good place to be in while developing software for a new bank launch. The library has always been my goto place for some creative escape, a place where generations before have gone for knowledge and inspiration of their own. I love the smell of books, observing people all focussing on their own thing, no need for awkward social interactions and the really good wifi connection that was recently installed.

My mind was going in circles trying to solve the race condition that was stalling my progress. I closed my eyes, raised my head back, tilting it side to side listening to the tendons in my neck creek. I let out a deep breath and opened my eyes. She slowly rendered before me, sitting on a wooden bench , tucked discreetly at then end of a corridor of book shelves. Lost in the book resting on her lap, she fidgeted with a pendant on a thin silver necklace.

I noticed the red flushed skin on her neck and the constant biting of her bottom lip. She was rotating her foot and each time she bit her lip, she would extent her foot, pointing her toes. Her breathing was becoming shallower and with each breath I was more transfixed.

She crossed her legs and held the book closer to her, her skirt shifted showing a flash of upper thigh. I continued to watch her as the fidgeting of her pendent became faster. She let out an involuntary moan, it suddenly brought her back to the present and she shut the book closed. She caught my eyes and the smile on my face, blushed and looked shyly away.

My gaze dropped below the edge off my computer screen and I as I looked up again see her, she was gone. I looked around but could see her and then noticed that my heart was beating rapidly and the warm glow of a blush spreading across my cheeks too.

I looked back at the screen and there it was, the problem that had me stumped for the past 24 hours, a variable that was not re-initialised on the next iteration.


*picture and story prompt from a tweet by @AngelReflected











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