An experience needed to be explored.

617C5518-ABCF-4529-A562-6A0B3AF64622A slap on her cheeks and a squeeze of her bum,
as my hands claw down the back of her legs
leaving rose coloured trails,
evidence of her lingering sensations.
I kiss gently behind her knees,
Tracing my way up the trails left before.
She opens her legs slightly apart,
my invitation to explore further.

My fingers following the contours of her lingerie
touching the soft, warm flesh of her inner thighs.
It feels like I’m on hallowed ground.
An audible moan and the shifting of her hips,
my request to explore further.

The charge flowing through my body
meeting the moisture of her arousal
sparks a fire in me.
Shifting the fabric aside,
my fingers part her lips.
Her hands gripping handfuls of the sheets,
her wishing me to explore further.

Picture credit: @FindmeEllery


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