filters: redacting our lives


Enhancing or covering up? This question I’ve pondered today as I posted a #BankHolidayBumDay tweet. It’s good that people find their bodies as a vehicle for creative outlet, regaining the feeling of being carefree, less aware of how the world may judge them. However applying filters to pictures, fabricating what people see is pretty much mainstream for most images I see posted online. Why do we do this?

Is it artistic expression or for personal protection? I broadened this thought to include my online anonimity. In any picture of myself that I post, I crop or obfuscate my identity. Although I could give you well rehersed resasons, I still often think about why I do this, who am I trying to protect by the sensorship of my identity. As I write this post, I’m thinking I should expand this defnition of identity to not only my name but to include who I am.

In a recent conversation I admitted that often when discussing currently affair topics or oppinions, I hold back. For some reason after nearly 50 years I am still trying to figure out why it appears that people often take offence to something I might say. If I get a chance to understand what they’re offended by, it’s almost always from a misunderstanding. I had chosen a word or expressed an idea that touched a nerve or personalised the statement to the offended person. Now as a safety mechanism, I often redact my speach.

The image linked to this post is the clearest image posted of me online, but still heavily filtered. I would say to you that the filters enhance the representation of light and the dark in me, a distortion of facial features calling your focus to my eyes and into my soul.


I present to you an acceptably sensored image with my identity suitably redacted.




4 thoughts on “filters: redacting our lives

  1. Agree, and that balance keeps shifting. But youโ€™re so right, we often self-censor our images, as well as our words. Maybe we need the protection of one or the other. I struggle with it every day. ๐Ÿ˜˜

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