Escaping my imagination

Holding you close, filling your sex. Our bodies synchronised in the rhythm of our need. Breathing in the heady air, saturated with the scent of our lust.

My loins writhe of their own desire, reaching out, searching, needing release. Demanding impatiently, your soft moist, warm folds.

The taste of you, your smell, escapes from my imagination into the present. With rapid strokes and firm grip I want more, to explode with all my senses taken by you.

Masturbation Monday

Over exposure – Unable to suppress this need

Desire dripping from my mind, fuelling the madness inside. I need your touch  to extinguish this fire, your words to bring calm. 

My cries echo throught the flames, moans of passion lost in the heat. My fingers a proxy to satisfy my need. 



Masturbation Monday