Reflections and 2019 Bloggers


The year is coming to it’s close, which for me usually brings with it a time of reflection and this time round it feels different. Unlike recent years where the furture was unclear, this year it feels like change is in the air. During this past year options have been unlocked like a Pandora’s box, bringing in the new year in with a renewed oportunity.

Here’s looking forward to new adventures in 2020.

I have participated more this year on the blogging front and have got to know some really great people in the community. There are so many great writers / bloggers I am regulary reading. Here are a few that have encouraged me, inspired me, intrigued me or touched me with their posts.

[EDIT: The list of Bloggers below is rather dynamic, it’s not an exhaustive list of the great folk I have interacted with and is subject to addition over time as names come to mind]

@BibulousOne , painaspleasure i find has an intriguing blog, but most notably made a suggestion to me a year ago that sure did scare me shitless. I have not explored that suggest just yet!

@DemontFrancesca , francescademontslittlesecrets has enlightened me and pushed the boundaries of my thingking through her fictional and non-fictional storylines on her blog.

@_floss_84 , flossdoeslife is on my regular reading list. Well writen with passion and no pretense. The quality of her blog has won her top spot in the Top 100 Sex Blog 2019 list.

@May_Matters , ifsexmatters has been very encouraging and inviting me to participate in various memes she looks after. May’s posts are also well worth a read.

@sissymaidmelody , melodyinsights I find very unique in my personal experience of people, her posts makes me think and see the world in a new way.

@Mollysdailykiss , mollysdailykiss is one of the cornerstones of the community, the force behind Eroticon and one of the people I first interacted with then I first started in 2016.
@RebelsNotes , rebelsnotes is another significant figure in the community, very supportive and shares a background with me of growing up in South Africa in the 70’s and 80’s.
@The_Artful_Muse , the-artful-muse is new to the blogging world and one of my long standing twitter friends. Beautiful photography with a wicked smile.

@v_greyauthor , becomingvioletgrey has a unique style which I really enjoy. A relatively new voice, but one that is definitely going places.



Chrismas tree wondering and wishes

Gazing into the hypnotic lights of the christmas tree, mind wondering and wishing of what could be.


Desires unlocked, roaming free, unteathered from all constraint.


Sinful Sunday