A need to be satisfied

A need to be satisfied

In unfamiliar surroundings, a familiar need is aroused.

Craving satisfaction, dark impulses grind into white sheets.

Moans that originate across time zones, muffled by feathered pillows.

A lesson never received

I used to wonder why a lover would need to mastubate when I was a willing helper to remedy any and every sexual need. While I was thinking about this post I realised that this was not a view I was taught, perhaps something that leached into my mind growing up in a largely patriarchal society.

Sending someone over the edge of orgasmic bliss, without direct touch or penetration from me (or keeping them on the edge), is one of the hottestest things to experience. And, you can have this from one foot away to across the globe. More importantly, why did I only realise this in recent years! Even with no direct interaction with a partner, the experience of “thinking about you, thinking about me”, has exponentially leveled up my experience of mastrubation.

Why is this … well here I am only qualified to speak for my own experiences. Ego, this is what I think is behind all of this. By one definition ego is “an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others”. I would extend this defnition to “a desire or persception to draw at least equal to or ahead of others”.

For me this was true when it came to sex. With a society imposed limited set of options, I had to satisfy to the fictional standard set by the media which we have all consumed. I was setup to fail, if this stardard was not achieved with the said imposed limitations, I’d be less superior with my ego taking a beating.

In my profession life, I have always advocated using the best tool for any specific task and not to focus on the tool so much but the outcome. Surprise, surprise this also accurately applies to sex too. So why was manual or mechanical stimmulation not an aceptable tool for the task of maximising pleasure? (The reasons for this are manny and different for all and not really the focus of this post.)

In my discovery of other people with non vanilla sexual interests and BDSM, the scales have been removed from my mind. My toolbox and options have became infinte.

Hear we are, I have unlearned a lesson I was never taught in the first place. On its own, as part of a scene, together with a partner or by yourself, masturbation can be the perfect tool for the task.


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