My Confession

Each morning stepping into the temple of flowing water and steam. Entering my meditation, showers of sensations drown all my senses. I have to confess, my thoughts turn to you, my desires are amplified.  Primal urges draw my hand to stroke my cock, the grip intensified by my need for you. 

I close my eyes leaning into you, desiring to feel more. I invert my hand, my thumb towards the base of my shaft. As I stroke, the sensation from the top of my penis is like then welcoming clasp of your sex and waves of pleasure travel across my body.  I have to confess, I can’t hold back, my hips driving my cock harder, fucking you with complete abandon. 

I can feel an orgasm is near, a pending hit of pleaser and clarity targeting my brain, my daily fix. My eyes open to witness the explosion of release, the manifested metaphor of my desire. The universe pauses and for a moment in time everything makes sense, everything in its place.

I step from the shower, wrap myself in contemplation as the world awakens. My day can begin, my penance is served.

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