Professional Attraction

I wrote a short fictional piece about acting on secret sexual attraction while talking to a colleague on a video call. This recalled memories of previous interactions with some colleagues over my working experience.

I have previously said and also pondered on the thought that those women who I have good personal or professional relations with, I also have had some level of sexual attraction to.

I find myself sexually attracted to females, this is the context through which I process these thoughts. I would be interested to hear from people who can’t relate to this post or those people that have different sexual identities to me.

Although interesting, in this quick post I am not diving into the reasons for why I feel this way, it’s about how I feel and is this “appropriate”.

I have been doing mandatory corporate training on “Building Inclusive Teams”. There is a scenario where a male employee will not go on an overnight business trip with a female colleague who is the business expert in the required area. They give the reason that they don’t want to be in a situation where they are tempted into something inappropriate.

My immediate response with this scenario was that it’s unacceptable behaviour from the male employee. Their idea’s around temptation are completely their own and in no way should they exclude any employee who is best suited for a particular task. 

Related to this is my experience with the kinky Twitter and Blogging communities, where people are very open about their sexual lives, needs and desires.  Where you might relate to and share kinks with others, it does not in any way imply that they want you to “give it to them”. I love the experience of sharing the same turn-ons alongside others without the need for there to be anything more than a shared interest.

I have come to think that there can exist healthy one or two sided sexual attractions along with other shared interests with those people who you’re friends with or that you may work with. This energy can find all manner of productive and creative outlets.

5 thoughts on “Professional Attraction

  1. At the start of your post I was instantly like! My friend had those exact thoughts. He would be turned on by me, because during my bachelor I didn’t care if someone stood in my room while I was changing trousers, or apparently my bath towel was too short lol. And then later Lois pulled him into the dynamic and I started explicitly teasing him and at first he felt like it was wrong for him to be turned on because I am his close friend, so there shouldn’t be any sexual attraction should there? In his case, it was one consentual from my point of view, but also, you can’t repress your feelings of attraction. It’s about what you do or do not do with them.

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    1. That’s an interesting story and a rather perculiar position your friend found himself in. But this does exact touch on what I was saying, how different is watching porn, reading something erotic or being aroused by someone you know.

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