I’m not finished with you yet

Introduction: This is the third and final part of a short story into a couples early exploration into BDSM. Read part two here, Surprise from exploring limits

It just dawns on me that I had my first in her vigina, fisting is not something which we have spoken about. Perhaps we should for next time. I carefully release my hand which triggers a few residual waves of pleasure that travel throughout her body. 

“I’m not done with you yet” I tell her. It seems words have escaped her as she groans and nods her head. 

I reach out for a nearby towel and wipe my hands. An evil grin spreads across my face. I remember the last time I did this. I tied a knot on the corner of the towl, giving it a little weight and the corner, a slither of fabric that replicates a whip. 

I first lightly dangle the corner and drag it over her tummy, I wonder if this will recall her memory of last time. I let the knot drop on her  pussy. Good she does remember, “Ah you bastard” I hear as she fights against the bond securing her hand together over her head. “Saveword?” I question her. She doesn’t reply.

I fling the towel against her, aiming for the ball of the towel to hit her labia and the corner to flick on her clit. It looks like she’s enjoying this. The third fling strikes its target and stings her clit, “Aah” I hear as her legs shake. 

A sadistic streak comes over me and my arousal ratchets up a notch or three. I increase the intensity of the towel flinging, the pitch of her moans getting higher. Changing pace again, I rub my thumb through the folds of her labia, long deliberate movements teasing her clit. She is still so wet. I need to prepare for my next move, deciding not to rub more lube onto my hands before I turn her around.

I move from between her legs to the side of her continuing the rubbing. I suddenly and quickly flip her over onto her stomach.  Give her a few moments to orientate herself then lifting her waist so that she is resting on her knees with her arse in the air.

“Show me your arse.” I command. “Open your legs”.  Clumsily she obeys. What an erotic site, her lips pink and swollen, a light glinting off a mixture of lube and her own juices. I get more lub and rub it into my hands, I stroke myself a few times.  “Is this pussy ready for my cock” I say as I kneel behind her and press it against her perineum.  She tries to move back toward me to receive my cock. I expect this and let my cock slips up against her anus and between her bum cheeks. We play this game a few times and I move back with a calculated open hand slap on a bum cheek. 

The clap echoes around the room as the outline of my hand forms on the bum. I rum her cheek and slap again, this time a little harder. I feel the heat developing under her skin as I rub it. I apply two slaps to her other bum cheek. They now both have a warm pink glow, I extend my rubbing to behind the back of her thighs and along the outside of her labia. Her pink arse looks so appealing, I’m overwhelmed by lust and need my own satisfaction. Like in autopilot, I take a condom from the bed stand, tear the packet and roll it over my cock. “Time to fuck you”, are the words that leave my mouth as I position and sink just the head in her open pussy. I thrust hard, hearing the slap against her bum. At first pausing between hard thrusts that move her whole body forward each time. Each time I thrust, I circle my thumb around her anus, very tempted to insert the tip of my forefinger.

But my need takes over, she is my fuck toy now, this is all about my pleasure, I pound her with an increasing rythym.   I close my eyes, enjoying all the sensations. A kaleidoscope of colours and shapes explode behind closed eyes, I feel the squirt of semen into the condom and my orgasm grips my balls emptying myself into her.

I quickly pull out and swiftly remove the condom and wipe my penis with the towel. My erection seems to remain, I can see she is near again to orgasm. “More” she moans, “please fuck me more Sir”.

I guide her body to turn back onto her back. “I am going to loosen you bonds and I want you to lean against the headboard. Leave the blindfold on” I say to her. She shifts herslef back and I place a couple more pillows behind her back. I position myself on my haunches in front of her with her legs over my thighs. I put on another condom, “this is for the both of us I say” as I lift myself towards her, sliding my cock inside her again pulling her hips towards me. 

We begin a rhythmic rocking, she is clearly enjoying this but I know it’s not going to be enough for her to orgasm. “Rub your clit” I command her “What?” she replied. “Don’t question just do” I say. I watch her hand find its target, I can’t help but notice how different she touches herself to how I would. 

I look at her watching her body as her orgasm builds, I reach over and slide off her blindfold. It takes a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the light and I keep my gaze fixed on hers. I increase the rocking as the pace of her hands increased. “Come for me” I say, which seems to push her over the edge, she tilts her head back and lets out a deep grown.  

I pull her towards me, we rollover and end up with her head on my chest. “Now we’re done” I say, as we laugh together.

Surprises from exploring limits

Introduction: This is the second part of a short three part story into a couples early exploration into BDSM. Read the first part here, Exploring BDSM

The energy in the room, the excitement building and desire fully aroused. My nervous energy changed to focus. Climbing on the bed next to her, this beautiful object of my desire and instrument to play to the tune of my command.

I kiss her on her lips and immediately withdraw, she lifts her head to continue the contact . “More she moans”. “In my time”,  my reply muffled as I savour her breasts. Her skin feels warm, its aroma sharpening my focus. As my lips travel down her from her sternum over her belly , her hold body squirms, desperate for more of my touch. She struggles briefly against the bonds on her wrists.

I move in between her legs holding her ankles further apart. I know she feels shy and vulnerable in this position. “Good girl” I say preempting her vulnerability, providing her comfort and security under my control. My hands move together over her shins up to the edge of her knickers, back again on the inside of her thighs. Her hips buck up, disappointed not to get the stimulation she is craving.  I do this again, enjoying watching the torment playout in her body.

I press my hand into her mound, I feel the lacey fabric pressback into my fingers as she searches for more pressure. She feels warm and moist. “Are you ready for me to use you?” A calmness decent over her and there’s a change to her aura, “Yes sir, please take what you want”. 

Tingles flow over my body, for a moment I lose focus. We never spoke about how to reference each other. A force builds up inside me, I feel strong, I feel in control. “I’m pleased” is all I say with a firm tone. 

I torment her a further by running my fingers along the edges of her knickers on the inside of her thighs. The smell of her arousal reaches my nose. My heart beats faster, it feels like a heat radiate from my hands.I move the crotch of her knickers aside exposing her pussy and a moan escapes from her lips. I pause for a moment watching her as she feels her exposure to the cool air. 

I put two fingers against her and with minimal force slips inside burying my finger tips.I move them slowly up and down on the inside of her outer labia. “So so wet already”, I think out loud. “You do this to me” is the unexpected response I hear her say. “Don’t speak, I want you to focus on your body how it feels and to follow where it takes you” I reply.

I wrap my fingers around the crotch of her knickers. I focus and position my arm and with a swift pull, I rip her knickers off. She was not expecting this and it gives her a fright.  By the tone of her moan I know she’s slipped deeper into her submission. 

I reach over the bottle of lube and squeeze some out taking a few moments for it to heat up in my hands. Using both hands I rub the lube from the inside her thighs up to her lower abdomen, my fings free flowing through the folds of her labia. I repeat this with deliberate, firm and slow motions. After a few repetitions, I let a single random finger sink into her vigina. Every other motion I circle her clit. I can sense the start of an orgasm is building. I mix it up again massaging her labia with my thumbs. 

I change things up again, I fight the urge to remain quiet and manage to say “Trust me and remember our safe word. I am very pleased with you and god, you’re feeding my soul.” I I tell her, I slip three fingers inside her, with my forefinger and index finger rubbing against her g-spot. After every few thrusts of my fingers, I press a little deeper. Her breathing deepens and she opens her legs further apart , an unspoken signal of submission. I insert 4 fingers, my hands still lubricated by the earlier massaging, but most of the lubrication coming from her arousal that seems to increase and moans intensify. 

I am so aroused at this point, desire to bury my cock inside the wet pussy, me surrendering to the lust in me pounding her and pounding her for my pleasure, until I finally explode. 

I keep my focus on the volume of her moaning that pushes me further. The knuckle of my little finger is now covered , her vigina feels tight but relaxed, giving way a little more with each thrust of my hand. I realise that my whole hand is just about inside her vigina. A darkness descends over my mind, “Trust me, safeword” I growl.

Her orgasm seems near, I apply slightly more pressure on her clip with my thumb as shange the trusting of my fingers to rotate my hand inside her. I fold my thumb in between my fingers and apply a little more downward pressure. She exhales a deep breath, she pulls against her bond as she pushes up against my hand with more force that I’m pushing down. My hand disappears inside her. I feel wrapped around my wrist, a sensation my mind finds hard to process.

I slowly rotate my wrist keeping the outside of my thumb against her g-spot. My other hand pressed against her lower belly and exaggerating her feeling of being filled up, my thumb slowly circles against her clit. Her moans now sounding primal, her breathing rapid. 

Her body tenses and shakes as her orgasm explodes deep inside her sending waves of pleasure reverberating across her body.

I’m not finished with you yet (part three) available here: I am not finished with you yet

Exploring BDSM

Introduction: This is part one of a short three part story into a couples early exploration into BDSM

We arranged to meet in the afternoon at my hotel. We had been frantically exchanging texts all day, each of us saying how much we can’t wait to get our hand on each other. It had been weeks since our last meeting.

We arrange to meet in the hotel bar. I have an excited nervousness about me and find a couple of spare chairs near the window. I order drinks for us. A black cab stops outside and she climbs out , a minute later she enters the bar. 

I always laugh at us each time we meet, so nervous and polite, a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Where is reality we want to, what we really need to do is rip each other’s clothes off right there on the spot.

We sit down and each take a sip of our drinks, some polite chit chat, exchanging the events of our day so far.  I pluck up the courage to tell her the plan I have for the afternoon. “I have something planned for you today.” I say. Immediately I see a nervous yet excited expression on her face. I ask her if I can tie her hands and feet to the bed and blindfold her. She agrees and my heart begins to beat faster with excitement.

“Go to the room, you will find instructions on the bed.” She laughed , got up quickly and gave me a kiss before leaving for the room. I waited, bursting with excitement and wondering how long I should wait.

I had prepared the room with the bed turned down with scattered rose petals and champagne in the ice bucket. The note read “undress to your knickers and wait on the bed for me”. I realised I was not explicit on exactly how I wanted her to wait for me and that we had never spoken over the details.

After 5 minutes, I thought it was long enough and headed to the room. Double checking I had the spare key card in my jacket pocket and I headed for the lift.

Making my way to the room, I felt like a teanager with a guilty look on my face and was sure that those I passed in the lift and corridor knew what I was up to. 

I slid the keycard into the door and pushed it open. I could see her head poking out from under the covers. I chuckled to myself noting that this was not exactly what I had in mind and made a mental note to be more explicit on how she was to wait next time. 

“I was getting cold and I climbed under the covers, oh and the petals were cute” she said as I approached the bed. I lingered walking around the edge of the bed keeping my gaze directed at her. I took off my jacket and placed it over the back of a chair where she had folded and placed her clothes. I picked up her bra and brought it to my face, inhaling deeply. It smelt of her and her perfume, I felt a rush running through my body. She blushed.

I walked towards the side of the bed where she was lying, unbuttoning my shirt and sitting on the edge of the bed. She reached over to touch me, “No touching” I instructed her with a firm tone. As I bent over to remove my shoes and socks, I could feel her squirming under the covers.

I stand up and smile “I need to inspect you” I say as I peel back the covers exposing her top body, her nipples already pink and hard. 

“Get in under the covers with me, it’s cold” she protests. “Nope” is my response as I pull the covers further back revealing her lacy black knickers. She covers her breasts with one hand and rests the other over her tummy. 

“Don’t be shy now, put your arms at your side.” I tell her as I lift her feet above the covers and spread her legs apart.

“Mmmm, let me look at you” I said and I could see how self conscious she was, her cheeks and chest flushed dark pink. “Very nice, I really like what I see. Good girl.” 

“This is my plan, I will blindfold you then bind your hands together over your head. In addition to what we have discussed before, today I am using a water based lubricant. I will be pressing on the rim of your anus, with no insertion.   “I trust you” she says with a smile.

Surprises from exploring limits (part two) available here, Surprises from exploring limits

I need the sun

I had a moment to linger in bed, the sun warming my skin. Growing up in the sunshine you seem to take for granted its healing powers.

Reflecting over my life as a child, when I was bored or needing time on my own, I would naturally gravitate outside. As I got older, opportunities for escaping to the refuge of the sun got less and co-incidentally occurrences of anxiety increased. Is there a correlation, it is none, is it everything to do with exposure to the sun?

My rational mind tells me that as I grew up and acquired more independence, so along the way I acquired responsibility, the opportunity cost of this independence. Perhaps a reason behind my anxiety?

I can’t help but observe that the levels of teenage mental health difficulties are increasing with each generation after mine. I also note that with each generation the draw to more time in the sunshine is diluted.

It is generally accepted that direct exposure to sunlight increases production of vitamin D which aids in regulating a person’s mood and wards off depression. For me this effect of exposure to sunshine is very acute.

Every day should begin with meditation and the light of the sun.

We will bloom, we will be the new normal

Normality discarded like last seasons flower pots

Nothing about us has been normal

Now starved of nourishment and light

that which has was incubating need not perish

We will grow, we will bloom,

we will be the new normal.

What is your fetish, full fleece or a smooth chest?

People have been getting up to all manner of DIY personal grooming during this lockdown period. I have survived a haircut and supplies of hair dye seem to be in similar standing to that of flour and toilet paper.

As a distraction, I have been toying with the idea of shaving all my body hair. I am comfortable in my fleece as you can see from the various pictures posted on my blog, but its always a thought in the back of my mind.

Recently I found myself browsing through the infinite list of kinks on a website, there is definitely something for everyone and then some. That prompted me to ponder on what your thoughts are on the following question, “What is your fetish, full fleece or smooth chest?” Or even perhaps neither.

Chained by dreams.

[Frustration and venting piece, trapped in the COVID-19 lockdown with people dear to me I can’t reach, I can’t hold, I say “I’ve got you”]

Tattooed by a label chosen, almost as a curse, “Strong Protector”. The eldest son, brought up to serve others and to value duty above all else.

Yearning for the taste of independence, the fruits of selfish indulgence. So succulent and so tempting, I tasted. Like scales falling from my eyes I saw the world anew, my own dreams, my own desires.

Riding wave after wave with each new dream, some exhilarating, some orgasmic and some crashed and burned. Each experience, leaving a new shackle of consequence.

Here I am, now chained, by choice and circumstance. I’d gladly sacrifice my dreams to protect those dear, to serve those in need of a strong protector.