This was how I initially introduced my blog some years back. Like in most ways in like we have our ups and downs, we grow.

Exploring sensual pleasures – learning through experience and imagination

I have recently discovered the pleasures of writing and more recently taking photos.

About 2 years ago I drifted away from here, dipping in and out from time to time after founding a voice and like minded people on Twitter @askmefast19. I loved it and still do. The conciseness of a tweet suites rapid fire musings and a more interactive audience, I find very appealing.

Recently through due to participating in various weekly meams, I have rekindled my enjoyment of the blogging community and hence increased my own posting activity.

I find describing myself for you hard in that there are many sides to me. The way I see myself changes depending on the particular lens I am focussing through. Reading through my various posts will give you some picture of who I am.

For now, I’d describe my interaction here largely as a platform for:

  • Musings and self reflection
  • Participation in meams
  • Erotic Fiction: (very) short stories and prose.





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