Smooth, Trimmed, Natural ?


I was recently reminded of one of my first sexual encounters and the first time I slipped my hand into my girlfriends knickers. We were 16 and its still to this day one of the standout sexual encounters in my memory.

I remember it like it was this afternoon. We were kissing, our teenage hormones in embrace. She was grinding her groin against my leg and I wondered if this was the time. I slipped my handover her tummy, felt the rise of her mound as my fingers found the edge of her pubic hair, it was so erotic. I will leave the rest to your own imagination.

I have had equally satisfying moments with pussy’s in various combinations of “dress”, natural, slightly trimmed, Brazilian, and smooth.

When I ask myself what do I prefer, I can honestly say that each pussy is special and every moment is one which resides in my memory, I can’t say that I prefer one style over the next.

What do you prefer?


let’s meet at gym

I just finished my last set of shoulder dumbbell press looking around to see her, what will she be training and wearing what? The only identification I gave was a black t-shirt and fitting cargo board-shorts and that she would be on the treadmill will fluorescent pink headphones.

She was suppose to be here 10 minutes ago, has she lost her nerve, she did sound very keen when we spoke. I hope the woman here don’t think i’m weird checking them all out if they are possibly her.


I spot you on the treadmill, you are facing the mirror . I admire your running style, so free and so effortless in your own world listening to music through your pink headphones.

I change my dumbbells for a heavier pair, and move to a bench behind you. I start my last set, I so hope you will notice me, I don’t think I could push out another set of reps. I linger in between reps looking at you, your outfit is not hiding very much. I’m very attracted to you, imagining my hands all over exploring you.

I feel a tingling in my groin, my sexual desire growing as I push out my last rep. I let out an involuntary groan, look up and see you looking at me through the mirror.

Seeing you looking at me,I feel like a kid with their hand caught in the cookie jar and lose a moment’s concentration nearly dropping the weight on my head. I give you an awkward smile.

You chuckle and smile back, by the look in your eyes I can see that you like the attention.

You like what you see and your imagination kicks in wondering what’s next, slightly embarrassed hoping that no one can read your thoughts. Your cheeks start going red and you walk off towards the changing rooms giving me a not so subtle wink.

I remember you said to meet in the pool area. I rush into the changing rooms kick off my trainers and t-shirt and get up to find you. You spot me first looking for you. I see across the pool in the jacuzzi. The water still like glass with your leaning against the edge.

I walk towards you and you can see that i’m already erect though my shorts. You like it and smile. you look so gorgeous in your string bikini, I get into the jacuzzi opposite you taking a good look at you.

You stick your leg out touching mine, with a welcoming glance you your eyes narrow as you turn the bubbles on. I am very aroused! you reach out with your foot and fondle me, feeling how turned on I am by your gets your juices flowing. you rub your toes up and down my erect penis.

I touch your leg as you move closer sliding your hands up my thighs. you feel so smooth and your calve so firm after your run.

You move to site next to me. I am so needing to kiss you but wondering if anyone can see us.  simultaneously we place our hands under the water in each other’s laps. I rub your inner thigh deliberately brushing up against the edge of your bikini bottoms.

you can’t resist touching me as you squirm in your seat. I slip my hand into your bikini, pausing for a moment on your mound. your are now pressing firmer against my shorts in approval.  I gently run my finger over your pussy and stop to press on your clit.

You slide your hand into my shorts, my penis not even harder and twitching at your touch. Look into your face, you look so sexy your cheeks a little flushed. as your start stroking me my fingers part your lips.

Touching each other, I get sensation overload, close my eyes and turn my head upwards letting out a sigh of pleasure.

Even in the warm water I can feel hot hot and wet you are, I lift my bum slightly feeling you moving my shorts down. I undo the bow keeping your bikini bottoms in place. You touch my balls and I slide my finger inside you.

Applying pressure on your clit with my thumb, I thrust my finger slowly and steadily inside you running it against your g-spot. I insert another finger and your respond to the additional sensation. you cup my balls with one hand and now stoke me firmly with the other.

I take a moment to compose myself and recover from all the sensation. I start to gently rub your clit in a circular motion. you start gyrating your hips in response to my touch, i apply slightly more pressure with two fingers, sliding your clit in between them.

We can’t resist any longer and kiss for the first time. you slip into the water with your back facing me and sit in between my legs. You push against me feeling my cock against your bum while I continue to finger you. Your breasts are just are the waterline and cup one in my hand. I press on your nipple and then squeeze it firmly. I feel it harden though your top.

You open your legs more allowing me to touch your more. you raise your legs over mine lifting yourself onto my lap. I position my cock under you and you feel it against your pussy, you run slide yourself over it pressing harder into my lap.

You reach in between your legs and tease my head, you then guide my cock into your pussy. The sensation of entering you for the first time is amazing. it feels like time stops and it’s just you and I alone in the universe. I can’t think of anyone else, who may be looking, if we are making any noise, nothing.

I hold you around your waist as your move up and down feeling my cock move in and out of you. I caress your tummy reaching up to your breasts. one in each hand, squeezing your nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. you keep your torso still as you grind your hips into me.

I can’t resist for much longer , I need to release and cum inside you. I rub your clit harder. I cum and empty myself inside your. then you cum and I can feel the contractions from your vagina squeeze my still throbbing cock.

You push my hand away as it’s just too sensitive, you stay sitting on top of me enjoying me inside you. I caress your thighs and tummy and pull you into my arms. I kiss your neck and whisper in your ear, “Hi, I’m Will”.


desire for suzy

Standing in front of you , running my fingers through your hair and caressing the back of you neck. Wrapping my other hand around your waist pulling you into me, as our hips touch I feel you press your groin into mine.

I kiss you on the mouth, pull back and look into your eyes, they screen “YES PLEASE, don’t stop”. We move towards each other in unison, our lips lock, tongues meeting with force and purpose

My hand travels down your back to your bum, as my hand flows over I get even more turned on. I move my hand down over your thigh and back up again lifting up your skirt. The inside of your thigh so feels smooth, you instinctively straddle with your feet wider apart

I tease you along the edges of your knickers. As I brush past your pussy, you let out a little groan wanting more. You start grinding your hips into me feeling me getting harder and harder as it fills with desire, my hand slips into the top of you knickers, I feel goosebumps on your skin. I squeeze ypur bum, then reach further down, you gasp as I touch your pussy.It feels warm and so inviting.

My other hand follows the contours of your face , neck , shoulders and over your breast. Down over your tummy,  I lift your skirt over your hips. With an open hand I cup your pussy over the top of your knickers, they feel a little damp. I feel your kissing intensifying.

I slip my hand into your knickers you are so ready that my fingers just flow in almost like you sucking me in. I rub your clit and explore the inside of you pussy touching on you g-spot.

You start undoing my trousers, the passion and urgency between us intensifies. I kneel down in front of you looking at you pretty knickers, I feel you playing with my hair. I pull your knickers down slipping them off over your hips.I can feel your finger pressing harder into my scalp.

Seeing your pussy exposed my senses get heightened. I press my lips against it , tasting you. I can smell a mixture of you body wash , moisturising cream and your desire ….. It’s intoxicating

You step out of your knickers, I slip my pants and trousers off together as I stand up, exposing all of me , hard, erect and throbbing. I move back to you embracing you in my arms. My cock slides against your pussy lubricating it with you juiced

I lift your top off , I see you have a matching bra. I kiss you again, fumble trying to undo the strap, it comes loose, you arch your shoulders and let it slip to the floor

Your breasts are so delicious with your nipples flushed and hard, I move towards them taking in the scent of your perfume.I kiss, then suck and gently bite as if feel you nipple harden even more in my mouth

We grind our hips in a matching rhythm,  my cock enters you …warm , moist and snug. The sensation of entering you is so extreme I have to stop to prevent myself immediately exploding inside you .. I pull out.

You groan into my ear “I want you “. We fall onto the sofa in each other’s embrace, laughing and and giggling. You lay on top of me kissing my chest, then my face.

I pull you nearer and suck harder on your nipples. You kneel over me take my cock in your hands and struck it bending down and kissing it on its head teasing with your tongue.

You position it against your pussy, it slides in as you slowly lower yourself onto me. You shift position and lie against me, I can feel your hard nipples against my chest

We move in tandem, I grab you ass, pulling your cheeks slightly apart. You start speeding up, pressing you click forcefully and harder against me. I see a determination in your expression, you want to cum now

I fight the sensation to ejaculate, the feeling in so intense it’s almost painful. I can’t hold back any longer and explode, you feel my warm cum fill you

You breathing intensifies and you ride me harder. The sensation I feel is overwhelming, I feel your grip intensifying as you cum. You slow down and relieve the pressure against your clit as you feel the waves of sensation travelling through you body

You bend down, kiss me and say “Thank you, that was awesome”, resting you face against me. We’re both boiling, I chuckle as I feel you tense your pelvic floor and squeeze me.

Suddenly I am away of our perspiration, the moistness of our bodies intensifying the odour of your perfume. Our scents combine echoing our just passionate embrace.

glorious morning arousal

I’m lying in bed, somewhere between dreaming and half awake, aware of your presence near me. You shift next to me and I feel you hand slide onto my chest, exploring and caressing. You move your hand over my tummy. Teasing me, you move your hand over my thigh, lightly brushing against me. I tense all over as feel a tingling sensation move over my body.

You slide your body on top of me, I can smell you and it’s so intoxicating. You kiss my face , I open my eyes and see your smile. As I wake up more, I look up at your body over me, your nipples flushed and hard. your are turned on by how quick i respond to your touch.

You rest all your weight on me, your pussy straddling my cock, enveloping me and feeling all warm and soft. I’m very hard and ready for you.

You bend down and continue to kiss me, you start moving you hips gently rubbing up and down on me. Your moistness covering me, I can’t help my hips gyrating in unison with yours and as the urgency increases , all I want is to be inside you.

I smell you again as you come close to me pushing you tongue deep inside my mouth, tasting you hunger , how much more you want me. I grab your ass  holding you close to me, your skin feels soft and smooth. I feel a little beads of perspiration in the hollow of your back. I want more of you.

Almost as though you inhale, it feels like you suck me inside you as my cock enters your pussy. I feel every millimeter as I enter you, you feel warm and so moist. We fit so well.

You let out a little moan of pleasure, you sit up forcing me deeper inside you, riding me gently. It’s not long and I cum inside you filling you up with my warm pleasure, triggering your orgasm. You lay down on top of me each of as take in the in the warm and glorious afterglow each other.


lessons of a young sub

He was at the bar with a few mates as she walked in, a beautiful young woman, 20’s, auburn brown hair. Dressed in jeans, a pink hoodie with a pair of canvas shoes which made her look much younger.

She was not a classic beauty, but instantly got the attention of all the men. She felt goosebumps everywhere with a tingling sensation flowing down her spine and ache in her pussy. She felt shy from the attention, but incredibly aroused by the desire she saw in the eyes of her man and his friends.

He kept his gaze locked on her as she approached him, his heart racing feeling hugely satisfied at the envy he knew his friends felt towards him. “I’m here Sir, you called for me”, she said. He always felt such arousal at hearing her voice and the smell of her deodorant.

“Take these, and get ready for me”, he said handing her a shopping bag and the keycard for room 418.

She took the shopping bag from him, touched his hand and let it linger for a while. Nodding her head and dropping eye contact, “Yes sir” she said and turned away heading for the room.

As she made her way through the hotel, it felt like all the men’s glazes towards her were burning her skin. “It’s impossible that everyone is looking at me, and knows! It must just be in my head”, she thought to herself.

She got to the hotel room door and fumbled with the keycard dropping it to the floor. “Fuck”, she said annoyed with herself wondering if the older couple across the hall had heard her. Sir had told her not to use vulgar language without his permission.

She entered the room, it was cool and smelt fresh. It was minimalistically decorated in a contemporary style not quite to the usual taste of Sir she thought. Her attention moved to the shopping bag, “What did Sir have planned for her this time? Sexy lingerie, a dress, jewellery?

She turned to sit down on the bed, stopping midway remembering that Sir did not like entering the room and seeing creases on the bed and the room not in perfect order.

She put her hand into the bag and felt a pair of heels, taking them out and laying them at the foot of the bed. Next a black knee length fitted skirt followed by a transparent ivory satin blouse. Emptying the remainder of the shopping bag onto the bed she saw a white demi bra and pair of beige low rise bikini knickers. This was odd. She was always impressed by the items that “Sir” bought her, always fashionable, perfectly fitting and tastefully assembled. “Why these beige cotton pants?” she said out aloud. “Is this a trick, hmmm what should I do? I don’t want to disappoint Sir”.

She started undressing, dropping her clothes to the floor. She caught a glimpse of her naked body in the mirror, turning to face it she saw the Brazilian Sir had sent her to get. She touched the thin strip of hair, it felt sexy and the ache was back in her pussy, her right hand automatically lightly caressing her breasts. She stopped suddenly, she did not want to risk the chance of getting too aroused and wetting her knickers before Sir got there.

She put on the knickers, as usual a perfect fit, they felt very comfortable. the bra was very pretty and she like how it showed off her breasts, it felt very sexy and she could feel that ache coming back. The skirt and blouse were nice, not anything she would buy for herself.

She picked up her clothes packed them neatly in into the shopping bag and put them on the cupboard shelf. Slipping her feet into the heels she inspected herself in the mirror, she felt good and grown up. “Sir would like this”.

She sat down on the armchair opposite the entrance to the room, her bum perched on the edge of the seat and feet and legs together. Waiting, resisting the urge to grind her ass into the chair.

After what felt like ages, she heard a noise at the door, she heard the lock mechanism and the handle turn. The door opened and he was there, her heart racing, she raised to her feet standing in front of him.

As he opened the door there she was, standing in the outfit he had purchased. It was a good choice, the bra was elegant and sexy.  He closed the door applied the door chain, paused for a moment taking in the picture of her again. He emptied his pockets putting his keys, wallet and some change on the desk in the room.

“This room is nice”, he thought. “You have kept it tidy, just the way I expect”, he said smiling at her.

“Thank you Sir, I do like to please you.” she said softly.

“Come over here and welcome me properly”, he instructed her as he presented his cheek to her.

She nodded and walked over to him and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek. She recognised the familiar smell of his aftershave, there was always something comforting she felt when close in his presence. She loved to please him and and also enjoyed the things he rewarded her with.

She ran her hand down his chest over his shirt, stopping at his belt. She kneeled down in front of him, using both her hands she undid his belt, loosened the top button and lowered his zipper. She lowered his trousers and pressed her lips against his pants, she could feel his hard cock though the material of his pants. Again that familiar musky odour from the shower soap Sir likes.

She gently cupped his balls and gave a little squeeze and ran her hand up along his hard shaft. Looking up at him, “are you ready for me to welcome you”. “That’s a good girl” he replied, “your manners are getting better and better, yes proceed”.

She ran her fingers inside the waistband of his pants from the front to the back ,slipping his pants down over his bum and then the front, exposing Sir’s very hard manhood. She took hold of his cock, it felt warm as it filled her hand. With her right hand taking hold of his balls, she slid her left hand up his shaft and massaged the head of his cock between her thumb and fore finger. “Do you like Sir?”, she asked.

“You can start he said to her”, she was taken by the tone of his voice,  It was affectionate and loving quite different from the usual assertive and firm manner just seconds earlier.

She took him in her mouth, she just loved sucking cock, it was something she felt confident with. She gagged briefly and continued to suck. She paused from time to time, squeezing his shaft and balls while she licked and gently nibbled on his head.

“I’m getting close” he said to her, “Suck me dry”. With his hands on either side of her head he took hold of her hair and held it firmly. Still firmly holding on to her hair he guided her head to match the rhythm of  his writhing hips.

She felt his balls contract and closed her eyes in anticipation of the warm saltiness she was about to expect bursting into her mouth. Then is came, he paused briefly, and she felt twitching of his cock and he climaxed. She continued to stroke his shaft and balls while she drained him completely.

“Now the shoes”, he instructed. “Yes Sir”, she said as she loosed his laces and slipped off his shoes , followed by his trousers and his pants. He took her land and helped her to her feet, “Do I look after you well?” her asked her. “Yes sir, I am so lucky to have you” she replied.

“Let me look at you, turn around”.

She did a little curtsey followed with twirl in front of him. For a moment she felt like a little girl with a new twirly dress.

“Bend over the bed” he said as he moved her in front of the bed. He slid her skirt up over over her hips exposing the beige cotton knickers she had found in the bag. “What’s this!” he quipped, “are you on your period, what’s with these?”, his voice sounding very animated.

“Sir…” she tried to reply. “Keep quite, you know what I like and these are not acceptable to wear for me. I’ll have to fix things again.” his voice lower and sounding almost exited.

She felt a mixture of feelings, embarrassment, nervousness and excitement, she felt his finger grabbing her knickers from between her legs. She could not fight it any more and gave into her arousal, she felt her pussy swell and get wet. He ripped the gusset apart with his hands, he continued to rip her knickers up the back exposing her bum, she felt the cool hotel room air against her skin and the wetness of her pussy intensifying her senses even more. She was now very wet and needed immediate satisfaction to alleviate the ache in her pussy.

He kneeled down behind her, opened her ass cheeks, he could smell her, how ready she was, how desperate her need was. “You need a little disciple”, he said to her in a raspy voice. He licked her asshole and stuck two fingers in her pussy.

She was overcome by sensory overload and nearly lost her footing, she recovered and grabbed hold of the bedding in handfuls of sheets steadying herself. She closed her eyes arching her back and groaned as he licked her ass and finger fucked her pussy. He could sense that she was getting close, “Oh no, not so soon, you will have to wait a little longer.”

“Argh” she thought, “I’m so close”. “Yes Sir, you know what’s best for me Sir”, she barely managed to reply.

He stood up behind her,  lubricating his cock with her pussy juices. He positioned his cock at her anus and applied a little pressure, the head of his cock entered her. She groaned and pressed back against him.

This is your punishment he said as he rammed his cock hard and fast into her. “Fuck me”, she cried out. He pulled his cock back slowly and then started a slow rhythm fucking her ass. She felt so tight, he was going to cum soon.  

The sensation was now completely overwhelming and she was close to orgasm. Involuntarily she began grunting each time he thrusted into her. He quicken the pace, grabbing her hair firmly and pulling her towards him as he fucked her harder.

Her orgasm was so intense, she felt the waves of sensation flow through her body. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck”, she uttered. “I’m not done with you yet young lady”, he said thrusting harder.

He came suddenly, he slowed down and she could feel his cock twitching in her ass. He pulled himself out stepped back and give her a hard stinging slap on her arse. “Did you learn your lesson”, he asked her. “Yes sir she said”, feeling suddenly emotional. “You look after me very well”.

She stood up, removed the remains of the ripped knickers and adjusted her skirt.

“Sir, are my lessons done for the day?”, she asked him. “Yes they are, you can leave now”, he said as he presented his cheek to her again.

She reached up, held his face in her hands, looked him in the eyes and gently kissed him on the lips. “You are pushing your luck”, he chuckled.

With a cheeky look in her eyes, she winked at him turned around, grabbed her clothes from the cupboard shelf and quickly exited the room.