Hard times when working from home


Is it professional respect, sexual chemistry or even both? We seem to be talking quite a bit recently, enough to make me wonder if there’s more to this interaction. After three weeks in the new role and all there required manager orientation, certain themes stand out loud and clear; no fraternizing with staff! No after work drinks hookups, no closet room rendezvous or photocopier explotes. Nothing without notification of HR.

Is not the forbidden not always the most tempting. 

With all the rushing about, arranging staff to work from home and supporting the wider business to do the same, time has been a blur. All kinky thoughts and fantasies fading into the same blur.

With things settling down, team meetings all virtual including afternoon tea breaks, a familiar feeling returns. Daily one on one checkings, that glint in their eye and that warm tone in their voice. Surely this is more than work related engagement and team mate check-ins, my imagination goes into overdrive.

It’s still dark, early in morning and I wander over to my impromptu home office catching up on the overnight activity. I sit down wearing a t-shirt and boxers chuckling to myself about my work from home attire. An hour later, I think that I need to get ready for the day and get dressed or at least put trousers on.

A familiar ping echos from my computer speakers, it’s them. “Hey, how are you today? Do you have a few minutes to join me for a virtual coffee x”. 

Is that a kiss? I should not answer. I do. “Hi, sure, I’m just about to get some :-)”. A telepresence alert pops up on the screen, I accept. My heart races, I can barely let out an audible “Hi”. They pop up in front of me, slightly messy hair which is tied up, loose fitting jumper, and a steaming mug displaying the words “up for it” with a big arrow pointing to the rim of the mug. 

My mind screamed “THIS IS DANGEROUS TERRITORY!!!”, it was too late. I had to shift my position, the fabric of my boxers under strain as my body lost all control to this brooding temptation. 

Reaching into my boxers and stroking the building desire, is akin to rubbing the lamp and letting loose the genie. It takes all my focus to keep the genie under some measure of control, all I wish for is that my conversation continues with some coherence and the movement of my hand not giving my actions away.

“Catch you later”, click and the call is ended, however the genie is far from sated. “This is the last time, OK” I lie to myself before seeing to the need and taking things properly in hand. 

Image from #SinfulSunday post
Masturbation Monday

A lesson never received

I used to wonder why a lover would need to mastubate when I was a willing helper to remedy any and every sexual need. While I was thinking about this post I realised that this was not a view I was taught, perhaps something that leached into my mind growing up in a largely patriarchal society.

Sending someone over the edge of orgasmic bliss, without direct touch or penetration from me (or keeping them on the edge), is one of the hottestest things to experience. And, you can have this from one foot away to across the globe. More importantly, why did I only realise this in recent years! Even with no direct interaction with a partner, the experience of “thinking about you, thinking about me”, has exponentially leveled up my experience of mastrubation.

Why is this … well here I am only qualified to speak for my own experiences. Ego, this is what I think is behind all of this. By one definition ego is “an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others”. I would extend this defnition to “a desire or persception to draw at least equal to or ahead of others”.

For me this was true when it came to sex. With a society imposed limited set of options, I had to satisfy to the fictional standard set by the media which we have all consumed. I was setup to fail, if this stardard was not achieved with the said imposed limitations, I’d be less superior with my ego taking a beating.

In my profession life, I have always advocated using the best tool for any specific task and not to focus on the tool so much but the outcome. Surprise, surprise this also accurately applies to sex too. So why was manual or mechanical stimmulation not an aceptable tool for the task of maximising pleasure? (The reasons for this are manny and different for all and not really the focus of this post.)

In my discovery of other people with non vanilla sexual interests and BDSM, the scales have been removed from my mind. My toolbox and options have became infinte.

Hear we are, I have unlearned a lesson I was never taught in the first place. On its own, as part of a scene, together with a partner or by yourself, masturbation can be the perfect tool for the task.


Masturbation Monday

A tribute to you

A tribute to you

My mind has been crazy of late, so many real life things going on. Such little time to decompress, not much opportunity to put life on pause.

This morning under the frosty morning sky, I’m presented with a moment to be. A moment to focus on you,  letting me cut through this fog that clutters my mind.

Your image and your words, they fill my senses, your voice reverberating throughout my being. An inferno of carnal thoughts now free to pay this tribute to you.


Masturbation Monday


Escaping my imagination

Holding you close, filling your sex. Our bodies synchronised in the rhythm of our need. Breathing in the heady air, saturated with the scent of our lust.

My loins writhe of their own desire, reaching out, searching, needing release. Demanding impatiently, your soft moist, warm folds.

The taste of you, your smell, escapes from my imagination into the present. With rapid strokes and firm grip I want more, to explode with all my senses taken by you.

Masturbation Monday

Over exposure – Unable to suppress this need

Desire dripping from my mind, fuelling the madness inside. I need your touch  to extinguish this fire, your words to bring calm. 

My cries echo throught the flames, moans of passion lost in the heat. My fingers a proxy to satisfy my need. 



Masturbation Monday

The many characteristics of ejaculations

After waking with a mind aroused by wonderful thoughts and images, I was particularly turned on this morning.  In a previous post I’ve alluded to the fact that I find arousal somewhat amplified within 16 hours after intensive exercise.

So walking to the shower,  the feeling of DOMS in my legs and desire dripping from my mind, there was likely to be much inspiration forthcoming for a #MastrubationMonday post.

Holding firm, the contraction gripping my entire body, I could feel the sensation of the second contraction as a significant amount of semen was discharged.

The mind is a strange thing, at that point I realised that I’d not read much about the various types of male ejaculations and I wondered if that was a topic someone else might be interested in. Let me set your expectations here, my views that follow are by no means to be used as a standard of empirical evidence. Just observations from and of the peculiarity that is me.

The “typical” porn shot is a good start, it has two to three bursts. In porn I recon these are typically looped together several times for exagerated effect.

Then there’s the type I experienced above, one single significant mass. Often after heightened arousal or a period of abstinence or both.

Next is the “Something about Mary”. This one is unpredictable, usually with much force and a tendency to get lost 😬.  The ejaculate can travel some distance, 40 to 50 centimetres. My theory is that it’s got to do with constricting the flow and releasing at an optimum moment.

The spill, is not a particularly spectacular ejaculation. A gentle stream of semen usually ending up all over the hand, mouth or instrument that stimulated the penis and can be a bit messy. AKA the Mr President.

The final type that I’ll covered in this post , I call the anti-climax. It’s a bit of a mysterious one and not altogether to be seen in a negative light. I describe it as an orgasm contraction with no ejaculate.  In fact it’s a bit of a treasure and I think the one practiced in tantric sex.

Masturbation Monday